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A Pope Who Will Become a Saint

5-1-11 Posted by admin in The Church 0 Comments

I’ve been in the presence of two saints in my lifetime, maybe more, but two who I thought were saints at the time. One was John Paul II, the other I won’t name because he is still among us.

When I first saw Pope John Paul II, he was kneeling before the altar in his private chapel — his back and shoulders were so massive he could have been a linebacker for the Green Bay Packers. But more importantly, as I watched him pray I could feel the radiation of sanctity. I had long heard about the “odor of sanctity” but I had never experienced it myself. (more…)

Catholic League publishes “Straight Talk about the Catholic Church”

4-11-11 Posted by Admin in The Church 0 Comments

Recently Deal Hudson and I joined Catholic League President Bill Donohue for dinner in New York City. During our conversation, Bill spoke passionately about his plans to take out a full page ad in the New York Times to address the recent state of sexual abuse claims against the Catholic Church and the attention it is receiving.

At the time of our meal, Bill was not sure when the advertisement would run and fortunately it was published today. We are providing a link here to the text of the ad and encourage everyone to read it. We believe this is important as well to the overall treatment of Catholics in the public square.

By Matt Smith, Vice President of Catholic Advocate