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Why Does the Media Hate the Church?

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By Deal Hudson It’s sad to watch the New York Times and the Washington Post, along with MSNBC, attack Benedict XVI.  The story they concocted over the past few weeks, with the help of retired Bishop Rembert Weakland about Rev. …

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Catholic Politicians Shouldn't be Jekylls and Hydes

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By Brenda Steele Was President John F. Kennedy instrumental in “privatizing” religion? Russ Shaw, writing for InsideCatholic.com thinks that is the case. In his piece titled “Privatizing Religion” Shaw recalls that JKF’s assurance that his religious views were his “own …

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Catholics and the Personhood Initiative

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By Deal Hudson As pro-lifers head to the nation’s capital this week, they are united in their opposition to abortion funding in the health-care bill. But, as they gather for the 37th annual March for Life, pro-life leaders are divided …

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Was 2009 a Turning Point?

By Russell Shaw Catholic Exchange Was 2009 a turning point for the American bishops, marking a tougher and more realistic approach on their part to the myriad problems, internal and external, besetting the Catholic Church in the United States? It’s …

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