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Virtual Vigil for Religious Liberty Has Great Start

Over 2,000 People of Faith have joined virtual march on Washington, D.C. during first two days of ‘Fortnight for Freedom’ We at Catholic Advocate are answering our Catholic Bishops’ call for a “a time of prayer, education, and action in …

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Nancy Pelosi – the video “I do my religion on Sundays…”

As thousands gather for religious liberty rallies around the country today, we wanted to share the video footage from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s weekly press conference.

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Pelosi: ‘I do my religion on Sundays, in church’

Adding to the ever-growing file of “there she goes again…” NEWS FLASH Nancy Pelosi is only Catholic one day a week. Unfortunately, it is the other 6 days that are problematic. This is the same Catholic politician who has repeatedly …

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Cardinal Dolan “White House strangling Catholic church”; White House responds

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, talks to CBS This Morning’s Charlie Rose and Erica Hill about the lawsuit filed by 43 Catholic organizations over the Obama administration violating our religious liberties. Then White House …

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Catholic Advocate President Discusses Religious Liberty Lawsuits on MSNBC

Catholic Advocate President Matt Smith appeared on MSNBC this morning to discuss the 12 lawsuits filed yesterday defending our religious liberties.

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Cardinal Dolan Applauds Church Agencies As They Challenge HHS For Violating Religious Freedom

The news in the Catholic Church today centers around the 43 entities filing lawsuits against the HHS mandate announced earlier this year. In an unprecedented move, diocese, organizations, and universities from across the Catholic spectrum filed 12 different lawsuits in …

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Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. on Sebelius at Georgetown “Disappointed But Not Surprised”

The Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. has weighed in on Georgetown University inviting Secretary Sebelius as a participant in an event affiliated with their commencement activities this weekend. Below is the editorial published in the latest issue of the Catholic Standard. …

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President Obama’s Same-Sex Marriage Advocacy Against Teachings of Catholic Church

Catholic Advocate President Matt Smith issued the following statement in response to President Obama “affirming” he believes same-sex marriage should be legal during an interview with ABC News today: “Once again, the President is spending time advancing an anti-Catholic agenda. …

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Cardinal Burke Explains Bishops’ Tough Stand on HHS Mandate

Cardinal Raymond Burke, the highest-ranking U.S. prelate in the Vatican, has described the HHS mandate as a temptation for Catholics to “materially and formally” cooperate with evil. Or, to put it simply, any Catholic who obeys the government mandate is …

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Dolan Urges Catholics to Become More Active in Politics

Twice this past week, Cardinal Timothy Dolan urged the laity to be more engaged in political life. His remarks follow his return from Rome where he was elevated to the College of Cardinals. Prior to his public comments, the Cardinal …

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