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Toward the Next Great Divorce

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By: Stephen Phelan Good luck catching Katie Couric talking about the “staunch Baptist” who finally came around to supporting sex education for third-graders. Only slightly more common are mainstream media types who talk about how this or that political leader, …

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Examining Northern Virginia's Catholic Congressional Candidates

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When Congressman Tom Davis (R, VA-11) announced he would not seek re-election in 2008, political forecasters quickly moved the district into a toss-up, lean Democrat district. Regardless of the 2008 national trends, the district would have likely remained a Republican …

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God's Politics?

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By: Anne Hendershott Once he finished helping to elect President Obama by claiming that John McCain had done things that had  “made politics dishonorable,” Jim Wallis began work immediately to help push the Democratic agenda through his writings, his blog, …

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Nancy Pelosi is at it again…Part III

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On Monday, Catholic Advocate alerted our community to an event that took place last week – “The Obama Catholic Coalition Meets in D.C.” Now, the folks at Cybercast News Service have obtained video of Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussing immigration reform …

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The Obama Catholic Coalition Meets in D.C.

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By: Deal W. Hudson & Matt Smith In the wake of the 2004 defeat of John Kerry, leftwing Catholics, aligned with the Democratic Party, got down to serious work. The result was a coalition of organizations, publications, writers, academics, and …

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The White House and the Congress Are Hurting the Church, and We Must Stop It

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By: Deal W. Hudson The present White House is having a huge impact on the Church in America.  It’s typical to hear talk about the influence of the Church on politics, but at the present moment the influence is definitely …

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Continuing to Fight for Life in the Health Care Bill H.R. 5111, the Protect Life Act, has been introduced in the House of Representatives to fix the abortion language in the recently signed Obama health care bill. Read more about …

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A Catholic in Congress to Watch: Paul Ryan

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At Catholic Advocate, we are your eyes on Catholics in Congress.  Late into the evening, during the final hours of the health care debate, we were impressed by the remarks delivered by Committee on the Budget Ranking Member Congressman Paul …

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How Did Catholic Members of Congress Vote on Health Care?

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There was a series of three votes on Sunday, March 21, 2010. Catholic Advocate compiled a list of how Catholic Members of Congress voted on each with special emphasis on H.R. 4872, The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act which …

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Bart Stupak Trusts the Promise of the Infanticide President

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By Deal Hudson We are the hollow men We are the stuffed men The evening the Stupak-Pitts Amendment passed, I expressed the hope that a new era of pro-life politics had begun.  For the first time, in a long time, …

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