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Catholics Need To Be The "Game Changers" on Health Care

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Reconciliation…The “Slaughter Solution”…Senate version…House version…Conference Committee…Whip Count…game changer. These are all words and phrases that only the Washington D.C. culture could use interchangeably in everyday conversation and lately they are all we hear when the punditry discusses politics and the …

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One Question From American Catholics For Health Care Summit Participants

As the White House prepares to host the Blair House Health Care Summit on February 25, 2010, the leadership of Catholic Advocate has one simple question: “Who will stand up when the cameras are on and oppose abortion funding?”, asks …

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Boxer Confirms Senate Bill Does Not Restrict Abortion

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By Matt Smith A buyer’s chance to return a vehicle under the California lemon law applies for 30 days. Too bad for Senator Ben Nelson (D, Nebraska) the same does not apply to legislative deals cut in Washington D.C. with …

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Community Health Centers Could Become Federally Funded Abortion Centers

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Community health centers could receive $7 billion dollars in funding for abortions due to a provision in Harry Reid’s “manager’s amendment” to the health care bill.  This big gift to pro-abortion groups, like Planned Parenthood, was one of the provisions …

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To Bart Stupak on the Eve of Battle

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By Deal Hudson Dear Representative Stupak, Your statement on Saturday following the decision of Sen. Ben Nelson to support the Senate health-care bill was a great relief to millions of Catholics in this country. Your comment that “the Senate abortion language …

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