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Congress Staying on the Naughty List

By Matt Smith Last year the week before Christmas brought America the Senate passage of President Obama’s mandated, pro-abortion vision of America’s health care system. Now we see once again – there is no holiday break for the pro-abortion lobby. …

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Democrats Fail Again to Move Defense Bill with Abortion Funding

By Lisa Correnti While much of the national debate was focused on the controversial “Don’t, Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal contained in the National Defense Authorization Act, the legislation still contained language allowing for taxpayer funded abortions on military bases.

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Permanent Reversal of the Mexico City Policy?

By Stephen Phelan Analysts on the Hill are offering predictions about what a badly chastened lame duck Congress might attempt to do before some 65 or so of them have to clean out their offices. One possible scenario is that …

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Catholic Advocate's Health Care Reform Central

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Catholic Advocate has created “Health Care Reform Central” for our community to have the latest information, along with previous materials, of importance to American Catholics when it comes to the health care reform legislation. Also take time to visit our …

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Thank You Leader Boehner!

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By Matt Smith Yesterday, Catholic Advocate President Deal Hudson asked: “Who will stand up when the cameras are on and oppose abortion funding?” This afternoon, Minority Leader John Boehner (R, Ohio – 8th), a Catholic, answered the call. “The Stupak-Pitts …

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One Question From American Catholics For Health Care Summit Participants

As the White House prepares to host the Blair House Health Care Summit on February 25, 2010, the leadership of Catholic Advocate has one simple question: “Who will stand up when the cameras are on and oppose abortion funding?”, asks …

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Members of Congress Attending February 2010 Health Care Summit

The following is a list of those attending the February 25, 2010 Blair House health care summit: U.S. Senate Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D, Nevada) Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin* (D, Illinois) Democratic Conference Vice Chairman Charles Schumer …

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Politicians Need to Get Off Their High Horses

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Jay Heiler uses his acerbic wit to chastise politicians on both sides for being “high priests.” He calls for a return to being servants of the people rather than “seeking to be served.” Heiler has his pulse on the people …

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Obama Fails to Seize the Opportunity of His Big Night

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By Deal Hudson President Obama gave his first State of the Union speech last night.With his popularity in a steady decline for the past six months, Obama needed his speech to rekindle the enthusiasm for his leadership that elected him …

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Boxer Confirms Senate Bill Does Not Restrict Abortion

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By Matt Smith A buyer’s chance to return a vehicle under the California lemon law applies for 30 days. Too bad for Senator Ben Nelson (D, Nebraska) the same does not apply to legislative deals cut in Washington D.C. with …

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