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Joining a Church of Saints and Sinners

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Nicholas Dunn, a student at The King’s College in Manhattan, will be coming into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil Saturday night. Nick has written a thoughtful piece on what the Church really stands for, and why, he, during …

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Catholic Advocate's Health Care Reform Central

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Catholic Advocate has created “Health Care Reform Central” for our community to have the latest information, along with previous materials, of importance to American Catholics when it comes to the health care reform legislation. Also take time to visit our …

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Pro-Life, Pro-Family Catholic Mari Hamlin Fink Sets Out To Replace Susan Davis in San Diego

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Establishment political observers are calling the congressional race in California’s 53rd district “David vs. Goliath” – and that’s alright with Mari Hamlin Fink because she knows that outcome. Mari is a ninth-generation San Diegan. Her San Diego ancestry can be …

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“Nobody’s Pro-Abortion”…well except you, Mr. President

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In Pennsylvania on March 8, 2010, President Obama ended his health care reform campaign rally with a classic political battle cry about being sent to Washington to make the tough decisions and do what is right. “Those of us in …

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Why the call for a National Collection for Life?

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A member of the Catholic Advocate community asked “why the call for a National Collection for Life?” Catholic Advocate has raised questions in recent weeks regarding grants made to non-Catholic organizations from the proceeds of the Catholic Campaign for Human …

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Catholic Advocate Calls on Bishops To Launch National Collection for Life

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Catholic Advocate has called upon the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to launch a National Collection for Life to be held in January the weekend before the annual March for Life. Read the press release Catholic Advocate recommends proceeds …

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Members of Congress Attending February 2010 Health Care Summit

The following is a list of those attending the February 25, 2010 Blair House health care summit: U.S. Senate Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D, Nevada) Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin* (D, Illinois) Democratic Conference Vice Chairman Charles Schumer …

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Play It Again, Sam…Obama-care Still Funds Abortion

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By Matt Smith President Obama campaigned on working with both sides of the aisle to achieve “progress” for America. He played into Americans’ growing frustration at Washington grid-lock, making promises he has not kept. Many members of the minority party …

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Please Pray for Our Work

By Deal W. Hudson My recent articles on the problems at the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, for example, “Is It Time for a Catholic Tea Party” elicited some strong words about me from four different “Catholic” journalists in the …

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Catholic Coalition Petitions Bishops' Conference to End Pro-Abortion Grants

Press Release Media Contact:  Brenda Steele     E-mail:  Press@www.catholicadvocate.com/dev Washington, DC (11 February 2010) – American Life League, Human Life International, Catholic Advocate, Bellarmine Veritas Ministry and Real Catholic TV, members of the Reform CCHD Now coalition, launched a petition drive …

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