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Democrats Fail Again to Move Defense Bill with Abortion Funding

By Lisa Correnti While much of the national debate was focused on the controversial “Don’t, Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal contained in the National Defense Authorization Act, the legislation still contained language allowing for taxpayer funded abortions on military bases.

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Diocesan Newspaper Allows Catholic Representative to Lie About Abortion Position

By Deal Hudson The Steubenville Register is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Steubenville, Ohio. Today, an ad appeared in the diocesan newspaper touting incumbent Congressman Charlie Wilson (D, OH-06) as a “real” pro-life Representative who fully supports the …

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Examining Northern Virginia's Catholic Congressional Candidates

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When Congressman Tom Davis (R, VA-11) announced he would not seek re-election in 2008, political forecasters quickly moved the district into a toss-up, lean Democrat district. Regardless of the 2008 national trends, the district would have likely remained a Republican …

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Nancy Pelosi is at it again…Part III

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On Monday, Catholic Advocate alerted our community to an event that took place last week – “The Obama Catholic Coalition Meets in D.C.” Now, the folks at Cybercast News Service have obtained video of Speaker Nancy Pelosi discussing immigration reform …

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The Obama Catholic Coalition Meets in D.C.

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By: Deal W. Hudson & Matt Smith In the wake of the 2004 defeat of John Kerry, leftwing Catholics, aligned with the Democratic Party, got down to serious work. The result was a coalition of organizations, publications, writers, academics, and …

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How Did Catholic Members of Congress Vote on Health Care?

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There was a series of three votes on Sunday, March 21, 2010. Catholic Advocate compiled a list of how Catholic Members of Congress voted on each with special emphasis on H.R. 4872, The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act which …

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Health Care Vote and Executive Order Betrays Catholics

Health Care Vote and Executive Order Betrays Catholics Catholics Must Send a Message in November WASHINGTON, March 21, 2010 — Catholic Advocate’s leadership provided the following comments on the health care bill. “Today’s vote will go down in history as …

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Bishops Plead With Congress Not to Pass Health Care

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By Deal Hudson In a last minute attempt to influence enough votes to defeat the health care bill containing abortion funding, the Catholic bishops issued a strongly worded statement. I fear it will be too little, too late.  The bishops …

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Who Are These Fake Catholic Groups?

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By Anne Hendershott Some of the biggest supporters of the current health reform bill—replete with public funding for abortion—are self-described “progressive” Catholic organizations, such as Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, Catholics United, and Catholic Democrats. These Catholic organizations, …

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Fifty-nine Thousand Nuns Oppose the Bishops on Health Care

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By: Deal W. Hudson “Don’t mess with the nuns!” is a comment I’ve heard over the years from cradle Catholics who were taught by them.  The question now arises whether the undecided Catholic members of the House will be influenced …

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