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Vatican Tells Nuns “Enough is Enough”


NETWORK, a DC Catholic lobbying organization, has been little known outside the Beltway since its founding by Catholic sisters in 1971. Within the Beltway and in the media, NETWORK is known as a Catholic organization whose representatives often visit members of Congress but never to advocate on behalf of the unborn or the true meaning of marriage.

When President Clinton presented the Presidential Citizen’s Medal in 2001 to one of NETWORK’s founders, he praised the “national Catholic lobby that has mobilized thousands of nuns and lay people to fight for social progress in South Africa, for women’s rights and for economic justice.”

Yet, it was during the debate over Obamacare when NETWORK attracted national attention. As NETWORK describes proudly on its web site: “….during the 2010 health care reform struggle, NETWORK Executive Director Simone Campbell, SSS, wrote the “nuns’ letter” supporting the bill and got 59 signers on the letter, including LCWR. She was thanked by President Obama and invited to the ceremony celebrating its being signed into law.” (more…)

Catholics and Wisconsin Labor Union Dispute

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The history of the labor union movement in America is closely intertwined with Catholic social teaching. Thus, when Gov. Scott Walker asked the Wisconsin legislature to eliminate collective bargaining from state contracts with labor unions, some Catholic groups immediately accused Gov. Walker of breaching a fundamental Catholic principle. (more…)

Prudence and Principle for Catholics in the GOP

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Former Bush White House speech writer, Michael Gerson, opined on the GOP and Catholic social teaching in last week’s Washington Post.  Though not a Catholic, he is well versed in intersections of JPII-style Catholicism and public policy. Gerson begins by underscoring the infusion of Republican Catholics into the 112th Congress. (more…)