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Catholics and the Special Election in New York’s 9th Congressional District

10-11-11 Posted by Admin in Blog, Politics 4 Comments
cap hill bob turner

New York’s 9th Congressional District has been in Democratic hands since the Harding Administration. So Republican Robert Turner’s victory last month is worthy of discussion.

Much commentary focused on the Orthodox Jewish rejection of President Obama’s Israeli policy. While accurate, this reporting failed to account for the impact of two crucial demographics, and thus does not adequately assess what this election means for today’s electorate. (more…)

No Truce at the RNC?

1-4-11 Posted by Admin in Politics 0 Comments

Several things are wrong about this short comment from Ben Smith at Politico.

First, the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) was hardly added “at the last minute” as a co-sponsor of yesterday’s debate between candidates for chair of the Republican National Committee.