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Prayer, Remembrance, Secularism, and the 9/11 Memorial

9-9-11 Posted by Admin in Blog, Our Values, Prayer 5 Comments
Twin Towers

There has been extensive commentary, outside the mainstream media, about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision not to feature clergy or official prayer at the memorial service commemorating the 10th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001. The event will also dedicate the 9/11 Memorial in lower Manhattan. This writer fully concurs with those who find this decision an affront to the survivors of the thousands of victims who were and are religious. (more…)

“Don’t Blame Me…”

1-10-11 Posted by Admin in Our Values 1 Comments

What happened on Saturday in Tuscon, Arizona? A disturbed young man resorted to violence and decided to destroy innocent human life as a group of people participated in one of the greatest freedoms our country offers. (more…)