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Christians Suffer While America Remains Silent

10-12-11 Posted by Admin in Blog, International 5 Comments

Having been actively involved in politics at all levels for the last half century, I have never seen such unconcern and political disregard for Coptic Christians in the Middle East as I have the past two years. While the Associated Press has covered the brutality and horrific mistreatment of Christians in the Middle East, U.S. foreign policy has expressed very little concern, while our political officials have remained silent. Has American foreign policy lost it’s moral compass, or do our leaders think that the people of our country no longer care about anything other than themselves? (more…)

Permanent Reversal of the Mexico City Policy?

11-9-10 Posted by admin in International, Uncategorized 0 Comments

By Stephen Phelan

Analysts on the Hill are offering predictions about what a badly chastened lame duck Congress might attempt to do before some 65 or so of them have to clean out their offices. One possible scenario is that Democrats may try to jam through some overdue budget legislation  — work put off not only so that incumbents could go home and try to save their jobs, but also so they could postpone adding to the obscene federal deficit until after the elections. (more…)

Let’s Leave It to Mother Teresa

By Deal Hudson

These remarks were made on August 27 in New York City at the rally sponsored by the Catholic League to protest the decision of Mr. Anthony Malkin, owner of the Empire State Building, not to turn on blue and white lights to honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mother Teresa. Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, presided at the event held on 39th St. in front of the Empire State Building.


Messing With Kenya

By Stephen Phelan

Just when faithful Catholics thought they’d heard the last of the troubled Patrick Kennedy, we find that he had one more curious public spectacle up his sleeve. As we have come to expect from the lame-duck congressman from Rhode Island, the occasion is one last attempt to make himself relevant to his family’s party by opposing pro-life Christians.

Kennedy is joining the chorus of supposedly “objective” Democrats who are traveling to Kenya and weighing in on the upcoming congressional referendum. Like Vice President Biden and a handful of other Democrat congressmen, Kennedy doesn’t see a problem with telling Kenyans how Washington thinks they should vote. But Kennedy has taken the rhetoric up a notch in both tone and absurdity, threatening to use the Congressional Oversight Committee (COC) to expose Western pro-life organizations that finance the opposition to the new pro-abortion constitution.

This threat is just crazy for several reasons. First, the efforts he is threatening to expose are in no way illegal. Human rights organizations on a daily basis do exactly what Kennedy apparently finds so nefarious – working with Kenyans to keep their country the way they want it – abortion-free. Along with the majority of Kenyans who are pro-life, these groups are right to be concerned by the proposed constitution, which essentially opens the door for a complete reversal of Kenya’s prohibitions against abortion. (more…)