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United Nations Attacks Vatican

2-12-14 Posted by Admin in Blog 0 Comments

Should the Vatican bow to the heavy hand of the United Nations?

Well, if its latest repot is any indication, the UN’s “blue helmets” and gang of third world dictators think so!

In its own words, the UN now “recommends that the Holy See undertake a comprehensive review of its normative framework, in particular Canon Law, with a view to ensuring its full compliance with the Convention.” You read that correctly.

Bottom line: the UN is making crystal clear what we’ve all long suspected – it wants the Vatican to fully submit to UN authority!

Please sign this urgent petition now and call on Congress to censure the UN’s anti-Catholic power grab.

Catholic Advocate is leading the charge to fight back, but we can’t do it alone. Everything we hold dear – opposition to abortion and homosexual marriage – could soon be dictated by UN bureaucrats hostile to our faith. And we need to build our own army to fight back.

Use this opportunity to send an unmistakable message to the UN, Congress, and anti-faith bigots everywhere: we will not yield to any radical, anti-Catholic power grab!

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