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What the Pope really said

9-25-13 Posted by Admin in Blog 0 Comments

Anyone who attended Mass this past weekend surely heard about the Pope Francis interview published by the editors of America. But what you heard is likely different from what someone across the country heard — so I want to take a moment to set the record straight.

In the interview conducted by Father Antonio Spadaro, S.J., the editor-in-chief of the Italian Jesuit journal, Pope Francis speaks candidly about morality and the Catholic Church’s role in an evolving world. I’ve included the segment of the interview where same-sex marriage, divorce, and abortion are discussed for you to see firsthand. Under no circumstances has Pope Francis endorsed same-sex marriage or called for the Church to relax its rules or alter its beliefs.

That’s why the team here at Catholic Advocate will continue our mission to fight for policies – and leaders – who will promote and defend our beliefs. In addition, defending traditional marriage, the sanctity of life, and religious liberty will remain the key focus of our efforts.

I hope you’ll continue to stand with us. Whether you can donate $25, volunteer your time, or keep our work in your prayers, your support is greatly appreciated.

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