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A Prayer for Victims of Violence

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If you turn on the news this evening, chances are you’ll see footage that breaks your heart, from either the Navy Yard in Washington, DC, or Syria. Both situations are tragic and beg the question: why?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer or solutions. But the Most Reverend Timothy P. Broglio, Archbishop for the Military Services has a suggestion – treasuring life:

“Somehow we must restore the notion of respect for life into the fabric of the Nation. When the uniqueness of the human person created in the image and likeness of God is universally recognized, the possibility of a mass shooting is more remote.”

Friend, we’d like to share this prayer with you today. I hope you’ll take a moment to reflect upon it and pray for those affected by the violence in Washington, DC, and Syria.

A Prayer for Victims of Violence
Almighty and Ever-Loving God, in you we place our trust and hope. You guide everything with wisdom and love. Hear the prayers we offer for those who have been hurt or lost their lives. May your love gently wipe the tears from our eyes and remove the fear from our heart. Look also with favor upon the families and friends who mourn the victims and comfort those who are in grief and despair. We ask this in your name. Amen.