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They have the upperhand…

7-2-13 Posted by Admin in Blog 0 Comments

Which Obama administration policy makes you the most angry?

1. Taxpayer-funded abortions, easy access to the “morning after pill,” and not requiring parents to be notified when a minor seeks an abortion.

2. The Health and Human Services Obamacare mandate requirinng employers – including religion-based employers like Churches and hospitals – to provide contraceptive coverage for their employees including the birth control, abortion, and sterilization procedures.

3. Refusing to recognize the Defense of Marriage Act – which was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court last week – and lobbying to legalize same-sex marriage in all fifty states.

Whether you chose 1, 2, or 3, the conclusion is the same. The Obama administration, led by two self-proclaimed “good Catholics” (Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi) is waging a war against people of faith – and right now, they have the upperhand. Until we put our foot down and reclaim our rights, which are enshrined in the Constituion, the Obama administration will do everything and anything it can to encroach on our religious liberty.

  • Alert the public to the ways the Obama administration is chipping away at religious freedom by pushing a pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage, anti-faith agenda;
  • Educate voters about how their elected officials have voted on key legislation regarding abortion, marriage, and conscience protection rights;
  • Rally people of faith to contact their members of Congress is support of legislation that defends the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, and religious liberty; and
  • Keep the truth about the Obama administration’s assault on religious liberty in the headlines.

As the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Fortnight for Freedom and Catholic Advocate’s Virtual Vigil Religious Liberty winds down, your support today is even more critical to ensuring we have the resources to fulfill our mission and hold our elected officials – especially Obama, Biden, and Pelosi – accountable.

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