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It’s not just the HHS mandate

7-2-12 Posted by Admin in Blog, Religious Liberty 0 Comments

There has been so much attention in the media to the egregious HHS mandate that other attacks on our religious liberty have been overshadowed.

For Day 12 of the Fortnight of Freedom, we wanted to remind you about some of these other assaults on our most cherished freedom.

    • The Bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services division is now disqualified from a federal contract to provide services to victims of human trafficking because they will not refer women for abortions.
    • Catholic Charities has been forced out of adoption and foster care services in Boston, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and the entire state of Illinois for refusing to place children in same-sex couple households.
    • Some sections of recent state immigration laws prohibit priests from providing the Sacraments to an illegal immigrant. Regardless of how one feels about the illegal immigration issues facing our country, our priests should still be able to provide for the spiritual needs of anyone.
    • New York City is banning religious groups from renting schools on weekends for services even though non-religious groups are still allowed to rent the same facilities for any other use.
    • The Christian Legal Society at the University of California Hastings College of Law was denied student organization status because it required its leaders to support an abstinence pledge.

As Bishop Stephen Blair of Stockton recently said, “We serve people because we are Catholic, not because they are Catholic!” Catholic institutions are open to all in need. Unfortunately, local, state, and federal government entities are making it harder and harder for them to serve the needy unless they fit themselves into various bureaucratic boxes that violate our beliefs. Catholic and Christian groups around this country hold a proud cultural tradition for many. Yet, government at every level is forcing them to change some of the vary things that make them great.

We encourage you to speak out in defense of our religious liberties at every level of the government. Especially with Congress in their 4th of July recess this week, seek your representative or senators out at one of the many public gatherings they will likely attend and share with them how you feel about this critically important issue. When they hear from enough concerned constituents, in person, in their districts and states, they will be forced to act.

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