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Nancy Pelosi’s “religion compels” her to support same-sex marriage

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Nancy Pelosi Holds Weekly News Conference

Adding to the growing list of “There she goes again…” Nancy Pelosi misrepresents our Catholic faith while praising President Obama for his affirmation of same-sex marriage in the Oval Office on Wednesday, May 9, 2012.

During the closing of her weekly press conference she said:

“My religion compels me” to support gay marriage.

Watch the video for yourself:


House Reaffirms support for Defense of Marriage Act

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Hours after President Obama’s Oval Office interview when he announced support for same-sex marriage, the House of Representatives passed an amendment that would prevent money from being used to litigate against the Defense of Marriage Act. 48% of Catholics in the House of Representatives voted against the amendment.

But we need to take a step back first to walk through how we got to the vote … (more…)

Cardinal Dolan: President Obama’s Remarks on Marriage ‘Deeply Saddening’

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WASHINGTON—Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), issued the following statement:

“President Obama’s comments today in support of the redefinition of marriage are deeply saddening. As I stated in my public letter to the President on September 20, 2011, the Catholic Bishops stand ready to affirm every positive measure taken by the President and the Administration to strengthen marriage and the family. However, we cannot be silent in the face of words or actions that would undermine the institution of marriage, the very cornerstone of our society. The people of this country, especially our children, deserve better. Unfortunately, President Obama’s words today are not surprising since they follow upon various actions already taken by his Administration that erode or ignore the unique meaning of marriage. I pray for the President every day, and will continue to pray that he and his Administration act justly to uphold and protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman. May we all work to promote and protect marriage and by so doing serve the true good of all persons.”

Issued May 9, 2012.

President Obama’s Same-Sex Marriage Advocacy Against Teachings of Catholic Church


Catholic Advocate President Matt Smith issued the following statement in response to President Obama “affirming” he believes same-sex marriage should be legal during an interview with ABC News today:

“Once again, the President is spending time advancing an anti-Catholic agenda. Marriage was created long before any government came into existence. It is a settled issue in the eyes of the Catholic Church and should not be redefined.

“First, the Obama administration takes away grant money helping victims of sex-trafficking over the Church refusing to refer the victims for abortions. Then the Obama administration violates our religious liberties by forcing Catholic institutions to pay for contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization as the President’s health care law is being implemented. And now, should his advocacy for same-sex marriage succeed, Catholic institutions could be forced once again to violate our beliefs.

“Many faithful Catholics were fooled by clever political rhetoric in 2008. This year, the anti-Catholic record of the Obama administration should inform their vote.”

Holy Father Continues to Raise Concerns about Catholic Higher Education

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In a message Saturday, May 5, 2012 to U.S. bishops visiting Rome, Pope Benedict XVI addressed religious education and faith formation for the next generation of Catholics in the United States. The Holy Father demonstrates once again he is aware of the challenges and dissent here in the United States.

The full text of his remarks as they appear on the Holy See’s website are below:


Saturday, 5 May 2012

Dear Brother Bishops,

I greet all of you with affection in the Lord and I offer you my prayerful good wishes for a grace-filled pilgrimage ad limina Apostolorum. In the course of our meetings I have been reflecting with you and your Brother Bishops on the intellectual and cultural challenges of the new evangelization in the context of contemporary American society. In the present talk, I wish to address the question of religious education and the faith formation of the next generation of Catholics in your country. (more…)