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Nancy Pelosi’s “religion compels” her to support same-sex marriage

5-11-12 Posted by Admin in Blog, Marriage & the Family 0 Comments
Nancy Pelosi Holds Weekly News Conference

Adding to the growing list of “There she goes again…” Nancy Pelosi misrepresents our Catholic faith while praising President Obama for his affirmation of same-sex marriage in the Oval Office on Wednesday, May 9, 2012.

During the closing of her weekly press conference she said:

“My religion compels me” to support gay marriage.

Watch the video for yourself:

From the transcript of the press conference:

Q:  Leader Pelosi, many of the people that are opposed to gay marriage cite their religion as the reason why they are opposed.  But you are a Catholic that supports gay marriage.

Leader Pelosi.  Yes.

Q:  Do you believe that religion and the idea that you can support gay marriage should be separated?  And how do you grapple with the idea that you support gay marriage as a Catholic?

Leader Pelosi.  My religion compels me, and I love it for it, to be against discrimination of any kind in our country.  And I consider this a form of discrimination.  I think it is unconstitutional on top of that.  So, I think that yesterday was a great day for America because the President in a very personal, as well as presidential way, made history.  And hopefully, this will bring people together on the issue.  It is a matter of time.  It is all about time.  And on these issues, what is inevitable to some of us is inconceivable to others.  And what we want to do is shorten the difference between the inevitable and the inconceivable.  And I think the President went a long way in doing that yesterday.

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