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Cardinal Burke Explains Bishops’ Tough Stand on HHS Mandate

4-11-12 Posted by Admin in Blog, Religious Liberty 0 Comments

Cardinal Raymond Burke, the highest-ranking U.S. prelate in the Vatican, has described the HHS mandate as a temptation for Catholics to “materially and formally” cooperate with evil. Or, to put it simply, any Catholic who obeys the government mandate is committing a mortal sin.This interview with Catholic Action for Faith and Family gave Cardinal Burke the opportunity to explain the reason behind the tough stand being taken by Cardinal Dolan, Cardinal George, Archbishop Lori, Archbishop Chaput, and the bishops’ conference in general.

When asked if there was any way a Catholic employer could justify covering contraception, abortafacients, and sterilization in its insurance coverage, Burke was adamant: “There is no way to justify it. It is simply wrong.”

Cardinal Burke praised his fellow bishops:

“I admire very much the courage of the bishops. At the same time I believe they would say it along with me that they are doing no more than their duty. A bishop has to protect his flock and when any individual or government attempts to force the flock to act against conscience in one of its most fundamental precepts then the bishops have to come to defend those who are entrusted to their pastoral care.”

Support for the bishops has also been forthcoming from evangelical leaders. Pastor Rick Warren, who offered the prayer at Obama’s inauguration, told ABC News’ Jake Tapper that he personally has “no problem” with contraception, “I’m an evangelical. But I do support my Catholic brothers and sisters who believe what they want to believe.”

Cardinal Dolan of New York, meanwhile, continues to resist pressure from the media to soften his stance on the HHS mandate.  Speaking with Bob Schieffer on CBS News he explained,”[W]e still find ourselves in a very tough spot and we’re still going to continue to express what we believe is just not a religious point of view, but a constitutional point of view that America’s at her best when the government doesn’t force a citizen, or a group of citizens in a religious creed, to violate their deepest held moral convictions.”

Catholic Advocate is grateful to all the bishops and the evangelical leaders who have stood up to defend our religious liberty.

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