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White House Fails to Address Religious Liberty Concerns

2-10-12 Posted by Admin in Blog, Religious Liberty 1 Comments

“Our religious liberties are an inalienable right not a privilege that can be changed on a whim,” said Matt Smith, Catholic Advocate president. “Our faith-based institutions should not be forced by this administration or any in the future to violate their beliefs.

“We are disappointed that today appears to be an attempt to fix a political problem in an election year. As some media outlets are reporting, White House staff was reviewing polling data before the HHS mandate was released on January 20. Their thinking was focused on 269 days from now and not the 220 years of our Bill of Rights.

“If the President is serious about protecting religious liberties, than he should signal to Congress he will sign into law the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act so no executive branch action or future action can trample on our rights in the same manner.”

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One Response to White House Fails to Address Religious Liberty Concerns

  1. Mermaz says:

    We already have the 1st Amendment. To say we need legislation passed to protect religious liberty means the Constitution is worthless. We need to make sure the Constitution is being upheld.

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