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Do not silence Military Chaplains

2-6-12 Posted by Admin in Blog, Religious Liberty 0 Comments

Over the weekend we were alerted to news that the Army’s Office of the Chief of Chaplains ordered priests not to read a letter from Archbishop Timothy Broglio, Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, on the HHS mandate. A compromise was later reached forcing language in the letter to be edited.

“The Obama administration must view the Constitution as a cafeteria of liberties where they get to pick and choose what is on the menu,” said Catholic Advocate President Matt Smith. “It is clear freedom of religion and freedom of speech are not available at this time. Catholics have been told by the Department of Health and Human Services to violate their conscience and now the Army is ordering them to salute and keep quiet. An army officer attempting to silence faithful Catholics serving our country in the name of the Commander-in-Chief is an insult to the values those brave men and women are fighting to defend every day.”

We must join together to stand up for our Church.

Have you signed up to be a Parish Leader yet? Click here to join the largest lay grassroots effort on this issue.

Click here to visit our action center to immediately send an e-mail to your senators and representative.

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