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TAKE ACTION: Obama HHS Turns its Back on People of Faith

1-20-12 Posted by Admin in Blog, Religious Liberty 1 Comments

We first sounded the alarm this summer, and today our worst fears were confirmed: The Obama Administration will force religious institutions to provide and pay for various forms of contraception.

They tried to offer a fig leaf to faith-based organizations by saying they have one year to comply, but make no mistake: Today’s decision by the Obama administration is just a stay of execution. People of faith must unite against this administration’s constant assault on our freedom and beliefs.

President Obama said that he wanted to find “common ground” with people of faith. (Watch for yourselves!) But allowing this decision to move forward sends a strong signal to people of faith; that door is closed. The Obama administration and its allies are attacking our values and our freedoms. They are committed to their agenda. The question is: Will we let them succeed?

Will you join us in rallying behind the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act authored by Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R, NE-01)? We must send a message to those who attack the core of our founding principles.

Visit our Action Center right now and contact your elected officials. It will only take a minute, but it will make a longer lasting impact. Please ask them to support the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act. Then, share this post on your Facebook or other social media page for your family members and friends — and please urge them to do the same.

Members of the Catholic Advocate community who want very much to help with our mission — have been asking us what they can to do help. This is one of those opportunities. It’s an all-hands-on-deck situation.

The only way we can be victorious over this anti-freedom, anti-religious agenda is to join together in one voice by standing up for our beliefs.

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One Response to TAKE ACTION: Obama HHS Turns its Back on People of Faith

  1. Lance Curtis says:

    I have just sent emails to my representatives in Congress using your site. I am not Catholic, but I do recognize that unless people of faith stand together now to defend religious liberty, we and the generations that come after us will all live in a country of tyranny. I want to stand with my Catholic friends against tyranny. What more can I do?

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