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Catholic Advocate Praises Santorum’s Public Witness

1-4-12 Posted by Admin in 2012 Presidential, Blog 0 Comments

Catholic Advocate’s Deal W. Hudson and Matt Smith issued the following statement about the 2012 Iowa Caucus results:

“Senator Santorum’s achievement last night in Iowa demonstrates the political viability of a Catholic candidate who does not compromise on social issues and offers real world solutions to the challenges of the budget, the economy, and foreign policy, especially in the Middle East. Catholic Advocate congratulates Rick Santorum for the courage and determination of his ‘public witness.’”

Continue for a map of the counties won by each candidate in yesterday’s Iowa Caucuses:

Click on the map to enlarge

  • Mitt Romney won 16 of 99 Iowa counties
  • Rick Santorum won 62 of 99 Iowa counties
  • Ron Paul won 19 of 99 Iowa counties
  • Rick Perry won 2 of 99 Iowa counties
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