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Christians Suffer While America Remains Silent

10-12-11 Posted by Admin in Blog, International 5 Comments

Having been actively involved in politics at all levels for the last half century, I have never seen such unconcern and political disregard for Coptic Christians in the Middle East as I have the past two years. While the Associated Press has covered the brutality and horrific mistreatment of Christians in the Middle East, U.S. foreign policy has expressed very little concern, while our political officials have remained silent. Has American foreign policy lost it’s moral compass, or do our leaders think that the people of our country no longer care about anything other than themselves?

I have spoken to several groups about what has been going on in Egypt, but the media doesn’t seem interested. However, I can assure you, the people I have spoken to, do. Catholics especially feel betrayed and abandoned by Washington, D.C. politicians. The killing of Christians in the Middle East, and the silence, is yet another example of the blatant and growing anti- Catholic sentiment in America today. One has to ask, where’s the outrage? Do Catholics have to protest in the streets in order to capture the media’s attention to this injustice? What will it take for the American political establishment to finally speak out? Why do we allow our political officials to turn their backs on this crisis taking place in the world today? I don’t know what it will take for Catholic Church leaders to demand that President Obama and the United States Congress take strong and decisive action to end the blood shed and killing of innocent Coptic Christians in Egypt.

You have to wonder, why do we even need a silent and costly United Nations? We also have to wonder, why do Catholics remain silent?

Maybe during the national election our President and all the candidates will realize that most Americans believe in international human rights, and religious freedom, and want our country’s leaders to reflect those cherished principles and values. America is more than about money and power, it’s also about liberty and freedom for all people. That includes the freedom to worship.

Let’s speak out. Get involved. Maybe it’s time for a new human rights movement in America. A movement to restore decency and respect for everyone’s religious beliefs, including Coptic Christians in Egypt.

By Raymond L. Flynn, Former U.S. Ambassador to The Vatican and Mayor of Boston

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5 Responses to Christians Suffer While America Remains Silent

  1. Sandy Hanson says:

    I cannot believe no one has commented! The violence against our brothers and sisters is deplorable, and nothing is being done. We stepped in to help Libya, yet allow the Egyptian Christians to be persecuted and slaughtered. Shame on this government – it need to be replaced.

    • Gwen M says:

      We also gave Libya 1.5 billion dollars to spend on their military. Our government has financed the persecution and slaughter of Christians with taxpayer money.

  2. ugo says:

    people have come to see that persecution and suffering of a follower of Christ as normal,it hurts so very much.

  3. felicitas says:

    we are on our own,we only have Christ to cry out to,He alone is the assurance of victory.countries will not come to the aid of christians because most big countries has been infested by demons at its rulership positionsthey will readily help any other other religions but for Christians its a no no.but i have no fears for i know that we are in the camp of the “Victorious One”.

  4. Jeannie Prather says:

    They are murdering us at Mass in Nigeria today precisely because these barbaric terrorists know very well that it is Christmas and will make headlines for their cause. This massacre must be stopped, now!

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