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How did Catholics vote for the Protect Life Act…

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On Thursday, October 13, 2011, the House of Representatives passed the Protect Life Act. H.R. 358 amends the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to modify special rules relating to coverage of abortion services.

The bill received bipartisan support with 15 Democrats and 236 Republicans voting for the Protect Life Act.  Two Republicans and 170 Democrats voted no. Three Republicans and seven Democrats did not vote. Continue reading to see how your Member of Congress voted. (more…)

Christians Suffer While America Remains Silent

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Having been actively involved in politics at all levels for the last half century, I have never seen such unconcern and political disregard for Coptic Christians in the Middle East as I have the past two years. While the Associated Press has covered the brutality and horrific mistreatment of Christians in the Middle East, U.S. foreign policy has expressed very little concern, while our political officials have remained silent. Has American foreign policy lost it’s moral compass, or do our leaders think that the people of our country no longer care about anything other than themselves? (more…)

Catholics and the Special Election in New York’s 9th Congressional District

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cap hill bob turner

New York’s 9th Congressional District has been in Democratic hands since the Harding Administration. So Republican Robert Turner’s victory last month is worthy of discussion.

Much commentary focused on the Orthodox Jewish rejection of President Obama’s Israeli policy. While accurate, this reporting failed to account for the impact of two crucial demographics, and thus does not adequately assess what this election means for today’s electorate. (more…)

The New Introductory Note to ‘Faithful Citizenship’ Should Inspire Catholics in 2012

Faithful Citizenship

There has been a flurry of commentary on the Introductory Note added to the new version of “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship.” Some have commented that the version just published by the bishops’ conference is the 2007 version, without revisions, and, as such, has been scored a victory by the Catholics who supported Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election. Naturally, those who abused the 2007 document in telling Catholic voters that Obama was a “pro-life” candidate — no, we are not kidding — would be pleased to receive what they consider a green light to do more of the same in 2012. (more…)