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A Description Unfit to Print

6-1-11 Posted by Admin in Blog 0 Comments
Rep.-elect Kathy Hochul (D, NY-26)

Clay Waters at Times Watch has posted another instance of the New York Times opining about what makes a good Catholic and, of course, getting it wrong again.

In this case, the New York Times describes Democrat Kathy Hochul, the recent winner of special election in New York’s 26th Congressional District. Here the description of Rep.-elect Hochul who supports Roe v. Wade, was endorsed by the National Organization for Women and the pro-abortion EMILY’s List, and would not vote to repeal health care reform in spite of its abortion funding:

“Ms. Hochul, 52, startled the national political establishment last week, capturing a Congressional seat that had been in Republican hands for 40 years. But those who know her say it was her upbringing — in a modest, devoutly Roman Catholic, service-minded family — that made her instantly able to understand the unease among economically anxious voters over a Republican plan to overhaul Medicare.”

It’s both tragic and sad that “those who know her” credit her Catholic upbringing for Hochul’s unwillingness to challenge the abortion funding in Obamacare.  Nothing ought to be more fundamental to her Catholic “upbringing” than a concern for those most vulnerable among us, the unborn.

As New York Time’s reporter Raymond Hernandez knows, I am sure, he is pumping up the Catholic credentials of a member of Congress who is openly dissenting from the teaching of her Church. When the New York Times and other mainstream media stop publishing this kind of partisan reporting they may see their audience begin to return.

By Deal Hudson, President of Catholic Advocate

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