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Obama’s Catholics Start to Change Their Story

4-8-11 Posted by Admin in How to Vote Catholic 1 Comments

Doug Kmiec was the leading Obama Catholic in the last presidential campaign. As a former dean of the Catholic University of America Law School and a Reagan appointee to the Justice Department, when Kmiec repeatedly called Obama “pro-life” in the 2008 presidential campaign he provided much needed Catholic cover for an infanticide supporter.

I found Kmiec’s support for Obama so outlandish I suggested publicly that he must be looking for an appointment. When Kmiec objected to my speculation, I had to admit I had no proof of his motivation. However, I once again expressed my wonderment that Kmiec could be putting his Catholic credibility on the line for the most pro-abortion presidential candidate of all time.

After the election, Kmiec got an appointment as Ambassador to Malta, a country of great significance to Catholics as the place where a small force of “Knights of Malta” repelled a much larger Muslim force at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571.

Now a copy of an internal audit from the State Department has appeared that, as reported by the Associated Press, makes Kmiec look like a Catholic pro-lifer within the pro-abortion Obama administration.

I agree with Jack Smith, who broke this story at the Catholic Key Blog, that the AP spin on this story is laughable. In the wake of President Obama’s pro-abortion actions and policies, Kmiec has tried to justify his support.  He claims to still believe that “life begins at conception in the womb, and is to be protected there as it is to be protected at every moment throughout the progression of life.”

Kmiec may be feeling that the kind of arguments he made for Obama in 2008 will not work in 2012, especially after Obama’s insistence that federal funding for abortion be included in his health care legislation. If Obama loses in 2012, and loses the support of those Catholic voters who helped him win the White House, Kmiec will have a tough time explaining himself when he returns home.

Kmiec will not be able to claim, as Ray Flynn can as Vatican ambassador under Clinton, that he pushed back against a pro-abortion administration. The AP spin on the State Department’s internal audit may appear to vindicate Kmiec as pro-life, but no one is buying it.

Given the expansion of the abortion mandate by the Obama administration, it’s not surprising that Ambassador Kmiec spent a great deal of his time writing about abortion – probably defending his support for Obama in the first place.

Kmiec is a smart and affable guy, but he acted deaf, dumb, and blind about Obama, and no one is going to believe he, as the AP story suggests, spent all his time — from the island of Malta — pressuring the administration to stop expanding the abortion mandate.

By Deal Hudson, President of Catholic Advocate

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