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No Truce at the RNC?

1-4-11 Posted by Admin in Politics 0 Comments

Several things are wrong about this short comment from Ben Smith at Politico.

First, the Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) was hardly added “at the last minute” as a co-sponsor of yesterday’s debate between candidates for chair of the Republican National Committee.

I’ve been receiving invitations from SBA List to the debate for at least a month, and I was pleased to attend, along with Matt Smith, as their guest.

Second, Ben Smith implies Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the SBA List, mentioned Gov. Mitch Daniels (R, Indiana) by name, which she did not.

When asking the first of her three questions to the candidates, Dannefelser did appropriately frame her question in the larger context of those who think the social issues should be de-emphasized in favor of the economy.

Those in the packed room at the National Press Club clearly supported Dannenfelser’s perspective as well as her presence at the debate also hosted by The Daily Caller and Americans for Tax Reform.

She did an excellent job getting all the candidates on the record for supporting the Republican Party platform opposing abortion and gay marriage.  I, for one, appreciated a pro-life leader who could address political leadership without a ponderous and moralistic attitude.

Dannenfelser and the SBA List deserve plaudits for their great service in bringing the pro-life, pro-family cause to the debate over the future of the Republican Party.

Finally, Ben  Smith implies that the “truce” on social issues discussed by Gov. Daniels and a few other Republicans has somehow become a semi-official position of the party faithful. To the contrary, those voters whose energy swept Republicans back into the Congress last November aren’t interested in a “truce” on any front.

Why can’t the press remember that polling has consistently shown those in the Tea Party crowd are predominately social conservatives. Most of the GOP leadership has by now figured this out, although the K Street crowd will continue to deny it.

It should also be added that what Gov. Daniels meant by his “truce” talk is, as of yet, not entirely clear since it is well-known that he is solidly pro-life and opposed to gay marriage.

By Deal Hudson, Catholic Advocate President

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