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Religion & the 2010 Midterms – Swing Groups Trending Republican?

10-4-10 Posted by admin in Blog 0 Comments

Gary Andres writes in RealClearPolitics about the strong trending of the Catholic vote toward the GOP, especially among Mass-attending Catholics, the reasons for that trending, and the races where that might make the most difference. In his column, he cites a recent Resurgent Republic poll.

“The survey suggests that swing Catholic and Protestant voters are trending toward the Republicans, especially compared to 2006 and 2008 – a shift that could help the GOP win a number of closely contested House and Senate seats.

“For example, among those who attend church more than once a week the GOP lead by 27 points on the ballot test (16 points among those who attend once a week). According to 2008 House exit polls, Republicans won “more than once a week” church attendees in 2008, but by a much narrower 6-point margin. Democrats lead on the generic ballot by 36 points among those who never attend church.”

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