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Fake Catholic Group Rallies Support for Pro-Abortion Candidates

10-21-10 Posted by admin in Abortion 0 Comments

By Deal W. Hudson

Ever since a group called Catholics United came on the political scene a few years ago, it could be depended upon to defend any Catholic politician supporting abortion or gay marriage.

Thus, when Rep. Steve Driehaus (D, OH-01) took the Susan B. Anthony List before the Ohio Elections Commission, Catholics United was cheering him on.

Since Driehaus has voted for Obama’s health care legislation containing federal funding for abortion, the Susan B. Anthony List was right in helping to make that fact known to voters of Ohio’s 1st Congressional District.

Now that a three-member panel of the Commission has voted to send Driehaus’s complaint to a full hearing, Catholics United is trying to make mischief in the case of another incumbent Catholic member of Congress from Pennsylvania who also voted for the health care bill.

Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper (D, PA-03) has the same problem as Driehaus – she voted for taxpayer-funded abortions and now trails badly in the polls. Also, like Driehaus, before voting for the bill Dalhkemper attacked the bill for its abortion coverage.

Dahlkemper, a Catholic, has publicly disputed her bishops’ statement that the health care bill will provide abortion coverage.

Catholics United is treating the Commission’s preliminary decision as setting some sort of legal precedent, when it fact it was the decision of three political appointees split 2-1, after hearing 10 minutes of argument, on whether to allow the matter to proceed.

The leadership of Catholics United, Chris Korzen and James Salt, treat the Commission’s action as if it were a report on the findings of a blue-ribbon commission of impartial scholars who spent three months doing forensic analysis on the bill.

CU held a conference call for the press on Monday for the purpose of pushing its agenda. Little did they know Doug Johnson, legislative director of National Right to Life, was on the call. Johnson waited until the end to intervene. Here is the account published by the Washington Independent:

“Are you familiar with the 23-page sworn affidavit where we enumerate section by section the parts of the [health care reform] bill that allow federal funding of abortion?” Johnson asked Chris Korzen, executive director of Catholics United. “It’s online and available to anyone who wants to look at it.”

Johnson was responding in part to Korzen’s earlier remark that “in SBA’s lawsuit, the substance of their claims [against Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-Ohio)] is not addressed. The group effectively wants the right to spread false information and lie in order to influence campaigns.”

“Do you believe that I was lying when I signed the NRLC’s sworn affidavit to the Ohio Elections Commission?” Johnson later pressed.

Tom Peters treats this episode with appropriate humor, including using a faux Middle English spelling for Catholycs United and Fake Catholycs.

Catholics United, a patently fake Catholic group, is also fond of piecing together a list of local Catholics – usually a few sisters and a couple of college professors – to proclaim the pro-life credentials of those who voted for the health care bill.

You would think it enough for Catholics to pay attention to the statement of the Catholic bishops that the bill DID authorize federal funding for abortion.

Catholic voters in Cincinnati, Ohio and Erie, Pennsylvania should be prepared to correct the disinformation campaign being pushed through the media by groups like Catholics United. It’s absurd to deny the presence of abortion funding in the new health care plan for American citizens.

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