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Diocesan Newspaper Allows Catholic Representative to Lie About Abortion Position

10-29-10 Posted by admin in Elections 1 Comments

By Deal Hudson

The Steubenville Register is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Steubenville, Ohio. Today, an ad appeared in the diocesan newspaper touting incumbent Congressman Charlie Wilson (D, OH-06) as a “real” pro-life Representative who fully supports the teaching of the Church.

The ad located on page 8 of the paper says:

Voted Pro-Life as your State Representative, State Senator and as your Congressman.
Rep. Charlie Wilson is a practicing Catholic, believes in family values and the teachings of the church.
Re-Elect Charlie Wilson so he can continue to represent your as a ‘”true” PRO-LIFE Congressman.

The problem is, Wilson voted for the health care bill containing federal funding for abortion.

When contacted, the staff at the Register said it was their policy to accept any paid ad that was “not nasty.” How perfect an explanation is that? This diocesan newspaper is more concerned with avoiding “nasty” than allowing the “Friends of Charlie Wilson” to lie to the Catholics under their care.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi looks on as Rep. Charlie Wilson (D, OH-06) speaks at a press conference

Is this a judgment call? No, the Catholic bishops have said in unison that the health care bill passed by the Congress and signed by President Obama contains abortion funding.

This may be a matter of controversy for a secular newspaper, but it should not be for a newspaper published by the Bishop of Steubenville, Ohio.

Perhaps the staff of the Steubenville Register should consider truthfulness as a possible criterion for its advertising. They should also consider the wisdom of running political ads at all, especially as the paper does not contain an ad from Wilson’s opponent.

While it’s commendable that the newspaper is scrupulously protecting its readers from anything that might appear “nasty,” the staff and the publisher would surely agree that nothing is nastier than to mislead Catholic voters on the matter of electing a representative to Congress.

With the election this coming Tuesday, it’s too late for the newspaper to print a correction. But, if you would like to contact the Steubenville Register, the Editor and Director of Communications is Patricia DeFrancis,

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One Response to Diocesan Newspaper Allows Catholic Representative to Lie About Abortion Position

  1. Linda Reyes says:

    I am a Catholic who is pro-life and a conservative republican. I have found that there are more moral conservative republican/teaparty members then so-called Catholic members such as Nancy Peloci and the majority of the Kennedys who are against everything the Roman Catholic Church stands for. I can’t understand how these people still receive communion let alone are not excommunicated from the church. Republicans are just as charitable, giving and hard-working wheither blue or white collar workers….but everytime you disagree with President Obama you are labled a racist. I came from a poor family, but my family never took handouts and I worked my way through school. I believe in helping the poor, but not just handing my paycheck over to them. As a nurse it saddens me to see so many young people today just collecting a welfare or disability check for something that my parents taught me was for the really needy/disabled. My grandparents also came from Europe and did it legally, plus learned English. They wanted to escape Socialism. God helps those that help themselves and believe me HE has indeed helped me and my family. As far as voteing , vote for who has your morals/beliefs… the canidates, don’t just buy the old retoric that this one is for the poor and the other the rich, wanting to throw granny off a cliff. Think not only for yourself, but future generations. WWJD

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