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Catholics United Continues War on the Bishops

6-10-10 Posted by admin in Blog, Featured Articles, Gallery, Recent Articles 3 Comments

By: Anne Hendershott

While Chris Korzen, Director of Catholics United, claims that his organization is simply a non-partisan Catholic social justice organization interested in “following Church teachings to the letter” his statements and activities during the past month contradict his assertions.  At the same time Korzen claims that “Americans now more than ever are desperate to move beyond divisive and acrimonious political debate,” he takes every opportunity to engage in some of the most partisan and vitriolic speech to allege that “the (Catholic) bishops have become accomplices to the Republican Party and its allies.”

Claiming that  “right wing Catholic groups” have influenced the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ decision to leave the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Korzen accuses the bishops of “kowtowing to conservatives who are opposed to President Obama and the progressive agenda” surrounding the health care reform debates and the Supreme Court nomination.

Most recently, Korzen has mobilized Catholics United workers to deliver more than 5,000 petition signatures to Boston Archdiocesan leader, Cardinal Sean O’Malley, to protest the “discrimination in his Catholic schools on the basis of the lifestyles of students’ parents.”  The protest against the Archdiocese came two weeks after St. Paul Elementary School in Hingham, Massachusetts denied admission to an 8 year old boy because his parents are in a same-sex relationship.

In a statement on the Catholics United website, Korzen has posted that “we fear that discrimination against children of same sex couples creates the appearance that it is more important to score political points than allow equal access to a Catholic education.”

Korzen has promised to circulate his petition until the archdiocese adopts a clear non-discrimination policy for its Catholic schools.

Claiming that Catholic leaders only want to “score political points” rather than uphold Catholic teachings on the sanctity of marriage reveals much more about Korzen and his politically motivated organization than it does about the bishops.   No one should take him seriously.  But, Korzen continues to enjoy strong support from left-wing sources.  In 2007, he was paid $84,821 from the George Soros-supported Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.  As a former organizer for SEIU and now head of the 501c(4) Catholics United, Korzen will continue to lobby against the bishops whenever they make a decision that contradicts the progressive ideology he is paid to promote.

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3 Responses to Catholics United Continues War on the Bishops

  1. Bruce says:

    Korzen is not a Catholic, and as such, speaks for no Catholics.

    The Church is not beholden to any political party. She is far above such drivel. It is not Her fault, however, if one political party supports her teachings more than the other. If Democrats do not like it, they can change their stance and accept the Church’s teachings.

    On the flipside, the Republicans hold views diametrically opposed to the Church as well. Neither party supports the Church 100%, and both will simply bow to the highest bidder.

    Politics are the devil’s game. Let Korzen play with fire if he wants to, but let us not say that we didn’t warn him.

    • Cindy says:

      Bruce, what exactly do you mean by “the Republicans hold views diametrically opposed to the Church as well.” Are you referring to the Republican Party, or to individuals who are Republican? If one reads the Party Platforms, there are great differences on moral issues that each party stands for, particularly as regards life. I left the Democrat Party 15 years ago because the Democrat congressmen, as well as their platform, did not speak for me. I am Catholic. One of the two congressmen we had was Catholic, too. I have seen the issue as more one of “Democrat first, Catholic second,” when it comes to the way not only some politicians, but also some Catholic diocesan staff members operate. We had a poll in our diocesan paper that “gave cover” to this anti-life congressman. The response from the Respect Life chairperson was, “I didn’t have time to get something different in the paper before it went to print.” Not the first time that person gave cover to this anti-life, so-called Catholic politician.

  2. BOB FEDAK says:

    There are too many of us, Roman Catholics, that support candidates who support abortion. Why are they not aware that they are as guilty as these Politian’s. The Bible story said that the 2 men fighting inadvertently killed a pregnant women. Are they not guilty of murder also for both the mother and the unborn child. A fetus has DNA and a heart beat at 8-13 weeks – is this a virus?

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