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Pray Pro-Life Democrats Don't Cave!

By Brenda Steele

This morning’s Washington Post has a story by Alec MacGillis, staff writer, on the push by pro-abortion Democrats to persuade their anti-abortion peers in the House to accept the current language in the Senate health care bill.

It seems that pro-abortion members of the House are situated between a rock and a hard place. While they hope to garner final support for health care reform from Bart Stupak and company, they also are in fear that by doing so they will drive away those who feel the bill’s abortion language is “too restrictive.”

Kristen Day of Democrats for Life had this to say:

“It’s going to be a heavy lift, because people on both sides don’t like the language. It’s a difficult situation right now.”

Bart Stupak, (D-MI), is holding fast to his original position. It is most unlikely he will cave into pressure either from the White House or the Congress to accept this legislation. And aren’t we cheering him on! Since Stupak seems out-of-reach to the Dems, they’re trying hard to get to other pro-life members, mostly Catholic, who, otherwise, are in favor of health care reform.

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders have a hard sell ahead of them. This “new” plan would still allow individuals to purchase insurance using federal dollars. However, those buying insurance under the “exchange” program would be required to purchase “2” policies, one for general coverage, the other to cover abortion, thus, necessitating 2 separate payments. Pro-abortion proponents fear, this alone, will discourage insurers from offering coverage for abortion and will be repugnant to buyers as well. A point in our favor!

Pro-abortion Democrats and Republicans as well, just don’t “get it.” Any language in a national health care reform bill that would allow federal money to be used to help pay for abortion is antithetical to Church teaching and totally non-negotiable.

Our champion in this fight has to be Rep. Bart Stupak. He well understands that passage of this legislation would result in future “tampering” of the language contained in the legislation to circumvent restrictions on abortion and would lead to federally funded community health centers offering abortion services. The current language in the Senate health care bill is “not” restrictive for abortion coverage; Bart Stupak knows this and is standing tall in his effort to thwart its passage. He deserves our prayers and support.

Below is a list of Catholic Members of Congress who have yet to publicly state how they will vote on the health care reform legislation. They specifically need our prayers. While some of these Members of Congress have not consistently voted to preserve the sanctity of life, we can pray they might see the way on the health care reform legislation.

Congressman Jason Altmire (D, Pennsylvania – 4th)

Congressman John Bocceri (D, Ohio – 16th)

Congressman Chris Carney (D, Pennsylvania – 10th)

Congressman Mike Doyle (D, Pennsylvania – 14th)

Congressman Paul Kanjorski (D, Pennsylvania -11th)

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D, Ohio – 9th)

Congressman Dale Kildee (D, Michigan – 5th)

Congressman Jim Langevin (D, Rhode Island – 2nd)

Congressman Tom Perriello (D, Virginia – 5th)

Congressman Charlie Wilson (D, Ohio – 6th)

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