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How Did Catholic Members of Congress Vote on Health Care?

There was a series of three votes on Sunday, March 21, 2010. Catholic Advocate compiled a list of how Catholic Members of Congress voted on each with special emphasis on H.R. 4872, The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act which is the key piece of the process that will eventually become the law signed by President Obama.


Vote 1 was on H.R. 3590, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act also referred to as the Senate version of the health care bill (Passed 219 to 212).

Voting against H.R. 3590 was a pro-life vote.

34 Democrats Voted NO. Included in the 34 Democrats were 9 Catholics:

  1. Representative Jason Altmire (D, PA-04)
  2. Representative Michael Arcuri (D, NY-24)
  3. Representative Tim Holden (D, PA-17)
  4. Representative Dan Lipinski (D, IL-03)
  5. Representative Stephen Lynch (D, MA-09)
  6. Representative Jim Marshall (D, GA-08)
  7. Representative Michael McMahon (D, NY-13)
  8. Representative Charlie Melancon (D, LA-03)
  9. Representative Gene Taylor (D, MS-04)

All Republicans Voted NO including the 37 Catholics.


Vote 2 was on a motion to recommit (MTR) H.R. 4872 and amend the bill to add the Stupak-Pitts House-passed amendment to prohibit taxpayer funding of abortions. This MTR would have fixed the problematic language regarding abortion from the Senate bill. The MTR was defeated by a vote of 199-232.

Voting for the MTR was a pro-life vote.

21 Democrats Voted YES. Included in the 21 Democrats were 7 Catholics:

  1. Representative Jason Altmire (D, PA-04)
  2. Representative Jerry Costello (D, IL-12)
  3. Representative Joe Donnelly (D, IN-02)
  4. Representative Tim Holden (D, PA-17)
  5. Representative Dan Lipinski (D, IL-03)
  6. Representative Jim Marshall (D, GA-08)
  7. Representative Gene Taylor (D, MS-04)

All Republicans Voted YES including the 37 Catholics.


Vote 3 was on H.R. 4872, The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act (Passed 220 to 211), a package of fixes to the Senate version of the health-care bill passed by the House of Representatives in Vote 1. The reconciliation bill must be voted on by the Senate. The package also included a major overhaul of student loan programs.

Voting against H.R. 4872 was a pro-life vote.

Vote 3 is the MOST IMPORTANT VOTE because it becomes the legislative vehicle that will eventually become law if passed by the Senate and signed by President Obama.

Catholic Advocate has listed out how each Catholic Member of Congress voted on the legislation that will likely become the pro-abortion law.



















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina





Rhode Island





Democrat Catholic Votes:  87 YES votes for the pro-abortion H.R. 4872; 7 NO votes

Republican Catholic Votes: 37 NO votes against the pro-abortion H.R. 4872

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19 Responses to How Did Catholic Members of Congress Vote on Health Care?

  1. I’ve already contacted Bart Stupak’s Bishop about his vote. We can’t afford to sit back anymore and let so-called Catholic politicians willfully lead the faithful astray. The Priests and Bishops need to know that the people want them to stand firm on Catholic doctrine and censure these heretics.

  2. Sallie says:

    May God have Mercy on all who promote or assist in the killing of the unborn children of God.

  3. L Ames says:

    The 87 Democratic yes votes is SCANDALOUS we need to see an appropriate response from our Bishops, to these Catholics otherwise we risk losing the faithful in the pews.

  4. Ian M says:

    This is the first time I have visited your website. Thanks for doing this analysis. It\’s very revealing. I had no idea there were 131 Catholics in the House! Can you imagine the impact on the world they could have if they were all of \"one accord\"? (Acts 4:23ff) Evidently, the Catholic Caucus is a house divided. Sadly, we know from Jesus that a divided house or nation cannot stand. (Matt. 12:25) This is a tactic of Satan who comes to kill (abortion), to steal (legalized covetousness), and to destroy (national divisiveness). Please, Lord Jesus, restore our confidence in the Word. Amen

    • Jan M. says:

      If one reads through the Old Testament, historically, there is no nation (other than Israel, God’s chosen people), who sacrificed children (today, abortion) which survived. God destroyed them all. I feel so strongly about this, that it has become my #1 board in a candidate’s platform. If a candidate is pro-choice, I cannot vote for him/her. There is just no use looking at other “categories”. Abortion offends God. Thank you for your strong conviction, backed by Scripture.

  5. norma ann says:

    Divine Mercy Chaplet prayed daily at 3:00 pm

    Eternal Father, I offer thee the body, blood, soul and divinity of your truly beloved son, Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those the whole world.

    For the sake of Jesus most sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole. world.

    Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

  6. Ted Aronis says:

    In my view, the Cardinals and the Bishops did too little too late, especially my local Cardinal in Boston.
    Coming out at the eleventh hour against an issue does NOT constitue a fight against the killing of the innocents.

    For too long, the church hierarchy has given passes to pro-abortion legislators..think Kennedy.

    It’s past the time the faithful rattles the cages of our church leaders.

  7. Marsha says:

    So sad, I have called, emailed, and sent letters to my Bishop of the Diocese of Richmond, Va. concerning an extroardinary minister of the Eucharist, who attended seminary for awhile, who thinks abortion is okay.This man feels we shouldn\’t worry about the candidate\’s stand on abortion when choosing who to vote for. I have received no response from my Bishop concerning this issue, so I have decided not to support any of his special collections such as the Bishop\’s Appeal. I have even written a letter to Archbishops Chaput, of Denver and Weurl, of Washington D.C., no response there either. Most recently to the USCCB and did receive an acknowledgement of my letter and that it was being considered and if necessary a reply would be sent. How long should I wait, probably not enough time left in my life. Our Catholic Church is in serious trouble when they won\’t stand for the teachings of the Church because in my view they are worried about alienating people and losing their donations. If you don\’t want to follow the teachings, go find a different denomination there are alot of others available. My mother was excommunicated in the 1940\’s for marrying a divorced man, I guess that must be more serious than Catholic legislators and Catholic sisters who support abortion??? Come on hierarchy of the Catholic church do the right thing!

  8. Lourdes del-CALVO says:

    shame on them all,
    and some shame to us all for not getting involved for so many years,
    this is not from just now, they (the liberal/progressive/socialist) have been planning this for a long time,
    goes back many years, get involved, get informed, Fox News Cable is very fair and balance,
    and above and before all these things…PRAY, we need to pray everyday,
    set aside time for daily prayer to God, the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit…
    remember He said he would leave us a Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, to guide us,
    defend w/o Fear our Faith and our Country, the Constitution…
    things will get worst before they get better, 9/11 came and we were on our knees…things got better and we forgot to get down on our knees “DAILY”…
    God Bless America, one Nation Under God…!!
    p.s. in unity there is strength, united we will stand divided we will fall…

  9. Katherine B says:

    I fully and completely agree with Ian M.!!!!!! For crying out loud, when will OUR voices be heard and OUR wishes, the people, be granted. I thought these representatives were supposed to “represent”. Who are they representing?? It’s certainly not the Christain people. We need to wake up, we are living in the times predicted in the Bible and if our nation, our people, pray together, God will hear us!

  10. John says:

    iF THE leadership of the church have for the last 90 years not told the truth about Fatima,why do you think that Abortion is a major problem in their eyes.Pray the rosary daily and hopefully Our Blessed Mother will convince God (Trinity) to stop these times and bring the world back to Him.History has been ignored for the last 100 years Stalin,Hitler. mao tsung etc. Pray again Pray

  11. Ida Fernandez says:

    I wonder how many of us realize the true outcome of this socialistic takeover. It is hard tobe. From now on, everything we writ e and speak, we should say BABY KILLING. Abortion is too sanitized the word is medical Make more people what we are fighting. We pray every day for a great outpouring of graces for all our bishops and for the cardinals and the Holy Father. that they will act like bishops feeding the sheep. We need them. . The subject in every speech was on FUNDING. Who pays is not the question. The question when will the BABY KILLING be stopped. I am sorry to say this, but the Bishops are much too concerned with money . When immigration and amnesty come on to be handled by the Democrats The Bishops will be more concerned. PRAY FOR OUR BELOVED CATHOLIC CHURCH AND ALL THE HIERARCHY and also Sister Carol the i

  12. Kevin Williams says:

    We need to look honestly at what has occurred, and why, an only then can we address the root causes.

    I am sad and disappointed, but not surprised at this vote. Catholic voters elected Obama and their representatives – Democratic Catholic congressmen (all Democrats) voted for this.

    Politically, we need to replace all these pro-abortion Democrat congressmen this November.

    Spiritually, it will be harder to fix. Who is really to blame? Catholic Bishops, for their lack of leadership.

    Check out Michael Voris & The Vortex on:

  13. ROGER J. AMADORI says:

    We as Catholics, Protestants and Jews, have abandoned our relationship with God and accepted complacency
    as our way of life. We are all caught up in the materialistic world and watch as religious beliefs are slowly being destroyed by Congress and the Supreme Court. The only way to stop this, is to return back to our beliefs, practice them, and teach our children, by our example, to fight those who wish to destroy religious beliefs and to throw God out of the United States. We need to stand up, unite, and make our voice heard at the ballot box, demanding whoever we vote for publically state they are going to work for us and not themselves and campaign contributers. Remember, Politicians and Supreme Court Justices, are professionals at Word Games,Manipulation and Selective Definitions. They can do anything they want, If we Allow Them.

  14. Mary B says:

    I totally agree with Ian M. (Mar. 23 post) “the Catholic Caucus is a house divided.” I could not have said it better. To Marsha (Mar. 23 post) You contacted the Bishop of the Diocese of Richmond, VA and Archbishops Chaput of Denver and Weurl of Washington D.C. and have not received a reply or acknowledgment of any kind. Maybe we should take a well used practice of the Baptist. When someone offends you, speak to them one on one and tell them how you are hurt or offended and if no accord can be reached follow the next step. The offended talks to their pastor, who then tries to mediate between the parties. Failure to reach an accord here results in taking it to the congregation. We have tried to convey our disapproval of the Health Care Bill to our Senate and Congress. We have tried to enlist the aid of our Bishops without acknowledgment. It is time to take it before our Holy Father in Rome.

  15. Mary in CO says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing this compilation!

    As Catholics, we need to see clearly that it\’s not just a few Catholic representatives going rogue — it\’s the MAJORITY!

    Is there now any doubt that these Catholics are acting in opposition to Catholic teachings about the foundational right to life? Will the bishops NOW confer with these persons to educate them and counsel them?

    Read this list, folks. Note the 37 Catholica who voted pro-life in this issue. Check\’em out, folks. Remember them, and support them.

    Now, make note of those who voted to expand abortion funding. Remember them, and work to replace them with representatives who are truly pro-life.

    And pray for all in Congress, esp. those who are Catholic — for salvation, conversion of heart, and a will to walk the Lord\’s path. With that, right action will naturally follow.

  16. BK says:

    I don’t understand how Vote 3 is the most important. The House passing the Senate bill is what was sent to the President and what became law. The third vote is, basically, patching up holes in the first one. The third vote is meaningless without the first vote.

  17. Joan says:

    Please, let’s all continue to write and call the respective Bishops of each yes vote congressman. We must beg them to help us, help our Church! They are supposed to be the Shepherds of the whole flock. Remind them that they will lose the entire flock by not going their Duty.
    Be relentless! Watch Vortex the Catholic channel on youtube, it’s great!

    And please do not forget Biden and Pelosi’s Bishops. If we contact all Catholics we know all over the Country this can work. We do not have to be from the Dioces. Write all of them!

    Just think , just ONE Bishop with courage to do his duty, an excommunicate ONE pomanent Politician! Courage begets more courage. This and prayer could save out Catholic Faith. Will you all please join me?

  18. michael velasco says:

    How can it be that there are only 7 Catholic Democrats who have been elected to the House of Representatives. Can it be that Catholics are not allowed to be Democrats? Do Democrats discriminate against Catholics? I know that there are many who used to be Catholics like pelosi, kennedy, donnelly, stupak and others but have now abandoned their religious beliefs for power and money. But why are there so few Catholic Democrats now? Seven! Only seven Catholic Democratic members who believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church. Seven! Only seven Catholic Democratic members who are moral. Seven! Only seven Catholic Democratic members who put God’ greatest gift, LIFE, ahead of all. It is truly sad that so many have approved of the murdering of our helpless innocents.

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