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Bishop Morlino Calls Out Disobedient Catholic Groups

By Brenda Steele

In his Diocese of Madison, WI,¬†Catholic Herald column, Bishop Robert Morlino answers the question, “Who is called to lead the people in faith?” He states unequivocally that it is NOT the Catholic Health Association nor the nuns who are members of NETWORK.

Bishop Morlino stated in his letter that the bishops are called to “teach, sanctify, and govern.” Even though they, like the rest of us, are sinners, the bishops are the successors to the Apostles, and, as such, have authority to “teach the word of Christ.” It is up to the faithful to accept their authority on Church teaching rather than view it as “opinion.”

The disobedience of the Catholic Health Association and NETWORK nuns to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ efforts to stop passage of the health care bill as long as it contained federal funding for abortion was a direct slap in their faces. Since when does a trade organization or a group of liberal nuns, not representing by the way, 59,000 nuns in America, hold more authority over Church teaching than our own bishops?

We can certainly disagree as to whether or not the bishops pushed soon enough or hard enough to ensure federal funding of abortion was removed from the health care bill. But, for organizations like the CHA and NETWORK, who call themselves Catholic, to call the shots is a travesty pure and simple. It was they who opened the door for “pro-life” Catholic Democrats to turn aside from true Church teaching to follow the “falseness” of their own disobedience.

Jack Smith at the Catholic Key Blog has more on Bishop Morlino’s letter.

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3 Responses to Bishop Morlino Calls Out Disobedient Catholic Groups

  1. Jim B says:

    I’m going to take a different tack on this. This is what happens when you “collectivize” the authority of “the bishops”.
    The problem is not the nuns “disobedience” to the USCCB -. The USCCB is a paper tiger with no authority.

    “No episcopal conference, as such, has a teaching mission; its documents have no weight of their own save that of the consent given to them by the individual bishops.” ~ Ratzinger Report – page 60

    The problem is the INDIVIDUAL Bishops not disciplining the nuns IN THEIR DIOCESE.

  2. Tom says:

    I agree completely with Jim.

    Bishop Morlino might have mentioned — in his own Diocese of Madison — the notorious Sinsinawa Dominican nuns, whose activities include working at an abortuary in Hillsdale, Illinois; supporting efforts to have the Holy See thrown out of the United Nations; as well as being among the network of nuns which signed on to Obama’s pro-abortion health bill.

    I hope that Bishop Morlino will soon deal decisively with the Sinsinawa Dominicans

  3. Todd W. says:

    Sunday, March 14, 2010
    Bishop Quinn supports Minnesota program that provides abortions!
    Bishop John Quinn of the Diocese of Winona (MN) and his social action leader Suzanne Belongia, along with the Minnesota Catholic Conference have been voicing their opposition to Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s desire to eliminate the the State’s General Assistance Medical Care Program (GAMC) program and move those enrollees to Minnesota Care another welfare based health care program in dealing with the State’s huge budget deficit. What they fail to announce their objection to is GAMC’s coverage of abortion services. The State’s Dept. of Human Services reports that since 1994, the program has provided 47,115 abortions at a cost of $14.1 million! Another example of where we see the left-wing social justice advocates justify programs that provide abortions as long as they serve the poor. In her December editorial in the Courier (Newspaper of the Diocese of Winona), Ms. Belongia berates the Governor for his “dubious” motives in realigning the program under Minnesota Care while trying to attract our sympathy for a victim named Michael. While one can sympathize with Michael’s story, he can look on the bright side, his mother chose life for him.

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