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Are Catholics in Congress Ignoring Both the Views of their Faith and their Constituents?

3-9-10 Posted by admin in Abortion, Blog, Health Care 2 Comments

Susan B. Anthony List recently had the polling companyTM, inc./WomanTrend conduct eight Congressional district-wide surveys of N=300 registered voters in each district March 1-3, 2010. The nationwide survey has a margin of error of ±5.65%.

Seven of the eight Congressional districts surveyed are held by “Pro-Life” Catholic Members of the House of Representatives.

  • Indiana’s 8th Congressional District – Brad Ellsworth (D)
  • Ohio’s 1st Congressional District – Steve Driehhaus (D)
  • Ohio’s 6th Congressional District – Charlie Wilson (D)
  • Ohio’s 9th Congressional District – Marcy Kaptur (D)
  • Ohio’s 16th Congressional District – John Boccieri (D)
  • Pennsylvania’s 4th Congressional District – Jason Altmire (D)
  • Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District – Paul Kanjorski (D)
  • Note: Indiana’s 9th held by Baron Hill (D) (Methodist) was also surveyed

Some of the key findings of the poll include:

Voters Reject Federal Funding of Abortion, Especially in Healthcare Reform

At least three-in-five voters in these eight congressional districts agreed that “Abortion and abortion funding have no place in healthcare legislation.”  Additionally, more than 70% of voters agreed in four of the districts surveyed (Ohio-06, Ohio-16, Indiana-08, and Indiana-09).

At least two-thirds of voters in each Congressional District opposed “using tax dollars to pay for abortions” and in all districts majorities “strongly opposed.”  Furthermore, in three districts opposition reached 80% (Ohio-06, Ohio-16, and Indiana-08).

Catholic Advocate will be watching the votes of these Members of Congress, along with other Catholics in Congress, on health care reform if it continues to include abortion funding and informing our community once the final vote occurs.

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2 Responses to Are Catholics in Congress Ignoring Both the Views of their Faith and their Constituents?

  1. Kathleen Heaney says:

    While the congressmen may verbally support the pro-life movement, their voting records on pro-life measures may indicate their, REAL views. Marcy Kaptur for one, has a mixed record regrarding pro-life measures. It behooves us as Catholics, to investigate their voting records before according them the pro-life label.

  2. Charles TEachout says:

    Those of us who embrace traditional Catholic principles, and are “talked down to” by members of the clergy need to sadly recall that for more years than not, members of the episcopacy of the Church have chosen the politically expedient path, rather than the path of traditional Catholic teaching. I recall that St. Athanasius was by no means in harmony with the vast majority of the bishops of the 4th and 5th Centuries when he condemned Arianism. I recall that the Tridentine Liturgy of the Council of Trent, a truly marvelous mode of worship for centuries, was rejected by the Bishops of France in the 17th, 18th and early 19th Century before independent reformers throughout Europe worked arduously and effectively to restore the Roman aspect of Catholic liturgy. Those who chose to embrace Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humanae Vitae were in profound conflict with the will of the “established order” of the post-Vatican II episcopacy around the world. It was an enormous cross for Paul VI to carry at the end of his career. Those who have embraced St. Athanasius, have stood for the Tridentine Liturgy and the freedom of the Church to teach its Tridentine Liturgy, or who chose to embrace the emerging science of Natural Family Planning and the many other prophetic teachings of the Encyclical Humanae Vitae have all since been widely justified. These stalwart believers nevertheless cannot expect any apologies the followers of the false doctrines who learned the error of their ways. They might as well say that they expect no reward but heaven, and the love of our Savior Jesus Christ. They must remember that they are not so much children of the world as children of eternal life to come. Then maybe we will have the patience to endure and confront the machinations of the Church leaders here below whatever their worldly reception will be.

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