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Sign the Petition to Reform CCHD!

2-10-10 Posted by admin in Featured Issues 2 Comments

Sign the Petition to Reform CCHD!

The Reform CCHD Now Coalition is sponsoring a petition at Reform CCHD NOW! asking that no more Catholic dollars be spent on organizations that support positions that are antithetical to Catholic Social Teaching on the issues of abortion and same-sex marriage. Sign the petition by clicking the image above and let the Bishops know that you believe that CCHD grants should be stopped until the process can be reformed!

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2 Responses to Sign the Petition to Reform CCHD!

  1. Andrew Baalman says:

    I couldn’t believe what I heard on the World Over Live about the bishops and these donation groups. I would like the reform to be done.

  2. Mike Minnis says:

    Reforming the CCHD is not possible. It should be terminated. Catholics should not be giving money to a bureaucracy that skims some of the money for administrative expenses and then determines who gets the funds. Catholics should give directly to a ministry that is doing the good works not to an organization that takes over the decision-making about who gets the donation. The USCCB should also be disbanded. It seems to have no legitimate purpose, to be performing no significantly valuable service to the Catholic community especially considering its cost, and at times is directly or indirectly supporting people or groups who oppose Catholc teaching.

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