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Catholic Charities in D.C. Forced to Close Programs

By Brenda Steele

Catholic Charities of D.C. is closing down its foster care and public adoption program after 80 years of service to the community.  They were informed by the local city government that they are “no longer eligible” to provide foster care and adoption services.  It seems that in order to remain “eligible” Catholic Charities would have to abandon Church teaching on marriage in favor of the more popular view of marriage between any two consenting adults, even if they happen to be of the same gender.

This move by city officials in D.C. has effectively put an end to Catholic Charities’ ministry to the most vulnerable of  it’s citizens, the children. Instead, both the foster care and adoption programs have been turned over to the National Center for Children and Families. Let us pray that these families in crisis will receive the same high level of care as before.

Catholic Charities had no alternative than to put an end to the foster care and adoption programs they administered. They could not, in good conscience, allow children in their care to be placed with same-sex couples. They were put in an untenable situation; one that possessed a single possible outcome.

Bill Donohue had this to say about the D.C. lawmakers:

“Surely they knew that Archbishop Wuerl was not going to negotiate Catholic Church teachings on marriage, yet that hardly mattered to them. The real losers are the children who were served by the Catholic Church.”

So, what kind of discrimination are we seeing today — the kind that prohibits a religious organization, working for the good of the community, and adhering to the tenets of its faith, to be forced to shut down a worthy ministry. No doubt other Catholic Charities throughout the nation will be faced with this same ultimatum: either include same-sex couples in your programs, or shut down. If so, the outcome is guaranteed.

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3 Responses to Catholic Charities in D.C. Forced to Close Programs

  1. Bruce says:

    What is ironic is that the homosexual lobby does next to nothing to help the poor, the sick, and the orphaned but instead spends all of its time, efforts, and money to fight the Church and to fight upstanding and normal citizens. Their agenda is everything to them, and includes nothing less than the celebration of depravity, immorality, and disease. Fortunately, America and the rest of the world is waking up to the fact that they are trying to spread their sickness. The bottom line is this: We have sympathy and love for homosexuals because of their disorder. But once they cross the line from victim to being “proud” of their affliction and throw it in the face of the faithful, they have lost sympathy. They need treatment and care, not license to destroy themselves. But we can only lead a horse to water…

  2. VetA says:

    This sort of behavior is typical for liberals. support them and its all good. oppose them and they discriminate against you, all the while accusing you of being a a bigot or raceist.

  3. Kirstin says:

    Homosexuality is not a disorder, it’s a lifestyle. You either love it or hate it. Who said that homosexuality is cruel and inhumane; the bible? For all we know the bible could be someone who had their own point of views and opinions and they just caught on. Why are homosexuals evil? Why is it a sin? Is it a sin because it’s different? Is it a sin because the bible said so? Who really wrote the bible? Were they really prophets? My thing is, anybody can call themselves a prophet, and believe what they think is right. Also, the bible says NOTHING about homosexuality. People just manipulate the bible to make people believe things that aren’t true. Wake up, people. You’re being brainwashed. Call me damned, call me what you may, but this is BS. I’m personally not a homosexual, but I respect them for who they are. Isn’t that what’s taught in the bible?

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