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Catholic Advocate Calls Upon CCHD to Suspend All Grants

2-2-10 Posted by admin in Featured Issues 1 Comments

In a press release issued Tuesday, February 2, Catholic Advocate is calling upon the Catholic Campaign for Human Development to suspend its grants pending “a complete review of its awards process.”

Information uncovered by American Life League (ALL) and Bellarmine Veritas Ministry released February 1 points to potential conflicts of interest between staff of the Bishops’ conference and their leadership on the board of CCC. Catholic Advocate recommends CCHD Chair Bishop Roger Morin of Biloxi, Mississippi conduct a thorough review of both grant applications over the past ten years and the minutes of CCC board meetings during the period when USCCB staff were members.

“Why is the USCCB still affiliated with CCC? How can the Bishops’ conference effectively advocate for policies in line with the teachings of the Church while at the same time providing money to groups working against those same teachings?” asked Catholic Advocate Vice President Matt Smith. “Part of the game in Washington is joining coalitions to pass legislation. But joining and funding groups that contradict the basic priorities of the church on the sanctity of life and marriage is not advocacy it is euthanasia of our values.”

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