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The Saints and Pro-Lifers Victorious at Super Bowl XLIV

By Brenda Steele

Now who on earth could have found the Pam and Tim Tebow ads to be offensive after viewing them last night? Neither ad was explicit in its pro-life message, rather more affirmative of the never-ending job of mothering, but in a fun way.

To say the pro-abortion crowd overreacted to these ads is an understatement. I wonder if they aren’t just a little bit chagrined this morning after protesting so long and so loud. However, their haranguing, has in fact, served the pro-life community well.¬†Many more people paid close attention to the Tebow ads than would have otherwise. Hopefully, we’ll soon know how many chose to visit the Focus on the Family website to get the “full Tebow story” following last night’s ads.

Yes, along with the Saints, we pro-lifers scored a victory at Super Bowl XLIV. Millions are now aware and are curious about Pam Tebow; they will go to the FOTF website, and hopefully they will be touched by her story and think hard about the sanctity of life no matter the circumstances.

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By Steven Ertelt, Editor

Washington, DC ( — After millions of people across the United States and around the world watched the Focus on the Family commercials featuring Tim Tebow and his mother Pam, pro-life advocates say pro-abortion groups clearly overreacted in their outrage and complaining about what turned out to be positive, life-affirming ads.

Although the pro-life organization didn’t set out to air the commercials to get free press, Focus on the Family turned what wound up as the first advocacy ad during the Super Bowl into a publicity bonanza featuring Tebow’s heartwarming story.

The long-awaited pro-life Super Bowl ad was broadcast in the first quarter Sunday and a different version — sans Tim Tebow pretending to tackle his mother — aired repeatedly before the game.

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