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Will Scott Brown Upset the Democrat Regime in Massachusetts?

1-17-10 Posted by admin in Blog, Featured Articles, Gallery, Recent Articles 0 Comments

There’s not much campaigning time left. Scott Brown, (R-MA), has pulled ahead of Democrat, State Attorney General, Martha Coakley, in a race to see who will win Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat on January 19.

President Obama will be at Northeastern University in Massachusetts today at 3:00 p.m. campaigning alongside Coakley. Many see his visit to Massachusetts as a last ditch effort to boost her chances, but according to Coakley, “I think that the president thinks we’re going to win, and that’s why he’s coming here.”

A win by Scott Brown will mean another “NO” vote for the Obama health care bill. This is a certainty. Though moderate on life issues (Brown introduced an amendment to allow conscience protection for hospital employees whose religious beliefs prevent them from administering emergency contraception to rape victims), but it failed. He did, subsequently, sign a bill allowing contraception.

Brown is a fiscal conservative, die-hard defender of traditional marriage, and staunchly opposed to the government take-over of health care. Will, he, a republican, be able to take the Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy for 47 years? We will soon know.

Scott Brown and Martha Coakley Fight to the Finish

By Jessica Fargen and Edward Mason,

The U.S. Senate election enters its final “do or die” days as President Obama heads to the Hub today to try to save his domestic agenda with a last-ditch pitch for Democrat Martha Coakley, while insurgent Republican Scott Brown criss-crosses the state on a wave of anti-Washington momentum.

“Initially, I thought it was me against the machine, but now it’s us against the machine,” Brown told a cheering crowd at a Plymouth campaign rally yesterday. Brown has vowed to help defeat the president’s flagship health-care legislation.

The neck-and-neck race for what was once thought to be the safest Democratic seat in the country – held by the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy for 47 years – has stunned the party.

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