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The People of Massachusetts Have Spoken!

Writing at Catholic Online, Deacon Keith Fournier has an excellent article this morning on Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts. After all the name calling, the last ditch efforts, the dawning realization that a Republican just may win a Senate seat in Massachusetts, the unthinkable did happen.

Scott Brown secured a resounding win, based in large part, by his garnering the support and votes of the over 50 percent of Independents in the state of Massachusetts. It seems more than clear now, as we enter the second year of President Obama’s term, that the people of this country (as evidenced by the results of last night’s election results in the “bluest of states”) are rejecting the agenda of the Obama administration.

While not Catholic and not strongly pro-life, Brown has been a vocal voice for conscience protections, ardently supports traditional marriage, and vehemently rejects the health care reform bill under consideration by the House and Senate select committee. It appears that Scott Brown’s values are more in line with Catholic teaching than are those of his defeated, Catholic opponent, Martha Coakley.

Scott Brown Wins Big in Massachusetts: The Emergence of the Independent Voter

By Deacon Keith Fournier, Catholic Online

The Boston Tea Party. The emergence of the Independent voter in the two Commonwealth States of Virginia and Massachusetts will become the story of the campaigns of 2010 and 2012.

BOSTON, MASS (Catholic Online) – In what only weeks ago would have been considered an impossible outcome, Scott Brown, the Republican candidate in the contest to fill the seat held by the late Senator Ted Kennedy for a half a century, has soundly defeated Democrat Martha Coakley. The major networks waited until almost 70% of the votes were in to call the election. Martha Coakley conceded when 75% of the votes were tallied. Many of the pundits seemed almost flabbergasted at the substantive victory of a Republican candidate in what is always referred to as “liberal” Massachusetts. All throughout the coverage of the last few days, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was called “the bluest of blue States.” After all, it has not elected a Republican Senator in a very long time.

Senator-Elect Brown pledged to use his place as the 41st Republican in the 100 member US Senate to block the current version of health care reform. He campaigned against big government solutions, excessive taxation and Washington politics. His demeanor and his message drew support from Republicans and Democrats in Massachusetts. But the real story is how he captured the large base of Independent voters.

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