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Planned Parenthood Preys on African-American Communities

1-18-10 Posted by admin in Blog, Featured Articles, Gallery, Recent Articles 0 Comments

On this day, when we celebrate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Representative Trent Franks (Rep.) of Arizona calls out Planned Parenthood for targeting black Americans. He told that PP locates their abortion clinics in African-American communities, giving rise to the mind numbing statistic that 50 percent of all African-American babies are killed by abortion.

By Steven Ertelt, Editor

Washington, DC ( — As Americans honor civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., a congressman says the nation is not aware of how Planned Parenthood targets black Americans with abortions. Arizona Rep. Trent Franks says the abortion industry has preyed on African-American communities for too long.
Franks told today that he is “calling on Americans to work toward ending the abortion industry’s disproportionate targeting of minorities.”
“Today, we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. for dedicating his life to the fulfillment of a truth outlined in the Declaration of Independence: that all men are created equal, regardless of their skin color,” Franks said. “While we have come a long way in the 40+ years since his death, another major hurdle in the Civil Rights Movement still looms before us: the disturbing targeting of minority populations by the abortion industry.”

Franks points to startling figures to make his case. “An astonishing 50% of African-American babies are killed by abortion,” he points out. “And nearly 80% of abortion clinics are deliberately located in or near predominantly minority neighborhoods.”

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