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Obama Can't Unplug the Teleprompter Even in 6th Grade Class

1-25-10 Posted by admin in Blog, Featured Articles, Gallery, Recent Articles 0 Comments

President Obama is almost universally considered a great orator.  I am one of the few, evidently, who have never been very impressed.  Obama’s speeches always have a sameness that can be easily recognized if you pay attention to his cadences, head movements, facial expressions, and word choices.

And then there is Obama’s dependence on the teleprompter.

Last Tuesday in Falls Church, VA, Obama spoke to a 6th grade class — with the help of a teleprompter he was able to get through his speech without making a mistake.

The upcoming State of the Union address will test Obama’s oratorical skills. Variants of the term “fight” seem to be Obama’s mantra for the occasion.  That’s a mistake, in my opinion. The president needs to be wooing the voters back, not growling at them with the sad face of a hurt prima donna.

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