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Marriage Victory in New Jersey

1-7-10 Posted by admin in Blog, Featured Articles, Gallery, Recent Articles 1 Comments

As you saw reported here on Catholic Advocate yesterday, the New Jersey State Senate was the first battleground of 2010 for Same-Sex Marriage activists.

The New Jersey State Senate went into session shortly after 2:00 p.m. this afternoon and rejected the same-sex marriage bill by a vote of 20-14 shortly before dinner time for many families on the East Coast.

Marriage is one of the foundations of our society and efforts to redefine it today failed in Trenton. Thankfully, for the next four years, families in the Garden State have incoming Governor Christie there to uphold his promise to veto any further attempts.

The challenges are not over. Same Sex Marriage activists tried to make New Jersey their sixth victory. They will now shift their strategy to other battles where they hope to taste success.

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One Response to Marriage Victory in New Jersey

  1. Bruce says:

    Glory and praise to God! What a wonderful victory for marriage and for Catholics! Perhaps the tide is turning against rampant immorality that is destroying our society. Homosexuals need care, treatment, and counseling. They don’t need confirmation of their sins and license to burn for all of eternity. If we love them, and we do, we owe them the truth. Marriage is between one man and one woman for life, and as evidenced by the divorce rates, it is a serious covenant that few are capable of handling. Destructive, diseased, and unstable relationships between homosexuals is not marriage and never will be.

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