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Judie Brown sends a message to Catholic Bishops and Priests

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Judie Brown, President and Co-Founder of American Life League, has written a beautifully constructed letter to the American bishops. Brown admonishes Catholic politicians for their waywardness from Church teaching, their pomposity, and arrogance. She, likewise, admonishes Catholic bishops for their silence and lack of leadership.

Brown challenges Catholic bishops and priests to exhort publicly those Catholic politicians who persist in their belief that abortion funding should be included in the health care reform bill. She calls for them to lead, to show the wayward how they are separating themselves from the faithful by their actions and endangering their very souls.

Catholics, no matter their station in life, are asked to be a “moral presence” to others, according to Brown. Those in public office have a special mission; they are tasked to provide, “by personal example, witness to the truth concerning human life.”

Dear Catholic Bishops: The Time For Bravery is at Hand

By Judie Brown writing for RenewAmerica

In a May 10, 2004 letter to Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, 48 pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians, including the ever-puerile Nancy Pelosi, wrote, “If Catholic legislators are scorned and held out for ridicule by Church leaders on the basis of a single issue, the Church will lose strong advocates on a wide range of issues that relate to the core of important Catholic social teaching.”

This infamous letter came to mind in light of the current debates over “health care reform” and the seeming lack of proper instruction by some Catholic bishops in their communications with these pro-abortion “Catholics” and other supposedly Catholic public figures. If one examines statements such as Pelosi’s recent erroneous claims or the statements in this 2004 letter, it is obvious that something has gone awry in such individuals’ thought process.

Or maybe it hasn’t. At the time the letter was made public, Dr. Jeffrey Mirus was quick to point out that

    this message from 48 Catholic Democrats in the U.S. Congress is a classic case of political obfuscation by those who see nothing beyond politics and believe in nothing that transcends politics. They seem not to understand that if the Church is to bear any sort of credible public witness, she must begin by protecting her own members from the confusion caused by the public scandals of her politically wayward children. And she must end by doing everything in her power to save these same children’s wayward souls.

It seems unlikely that that these politicians are simply ignorant about the fact that, through their support of aborting children, in a sense they are already separated from the Church by their very actions. While one could also suggest that they are either unaware of the reasons why they should be refused Holy Communion until they repent of their sinful support of abortion, or that they have no clue that abortion is an act of murder and thus intrinsically evil, these possibilities are even more unlikely.

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