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Republican Scott Brown Wins Massachusetts Senate Seat

1-19-10 Posted by admin in Abortion, Blog, Featured Articles, Gallery, Recent Articles 0 Comments

With 75% of the Massachusetts returns in, Martha Coakley conceded her defeat to Republican Scott Brown. Brown had a 7 point lead.

The last time a Republican held the Senate seat, recently vacated by Ted Kennedy, was 1953!  This election is for the Democratic Party what the 1755 Lisbon earthquake was to Enlightenment philosophers like Voltaire and Rousseau who used it as an excuse to scoff at the idea of a benevolent God.

Watch for all the Democrats, and most of the media, to claim, “This is not a referendum on Obama,” as Alan Colmes said earlier on the O’Reilly Show.

Why are they continuing to spin so hard on behalf of Obama?

You would think Democrat-aligned media would recognize one lesson of the Massachusetts election, the American people, even those in blue states, ARE NOT LISTENING TO THEM!

The talking heads in the media could start rebuilding its badly damaged credibility if they had the guts to risk disfavor with the Obama White House by reporting on what’s obvious to everyone — people are scared of where the Congress and the White House are leading this country.

Boston radio talk-show host, Howie Carr, said it was health care, most of all, that sunk Coakley. This was reinforced by the focus group interviewed by Frank Luntz during the Sean Hannity show.  Predictably, there is already an op-ed posted on the Washington Post web site arguing the Brown win had nothing to do with health care.

When the Pelosi-Reid-Obama step on the accelerator to pass health care before Brown is sworn in to the Senate, they will only be creating a bigger problem for Democrats in the November elections.  Juan Williams, however, argued on Fox News that Obama will win public favor by fighting tooth-and-claw for the health care bill.  Williams must consider the MA outcome sui generis with no national implications.

Carl Cameron on Fox News got it just right when he described a Brown victory as “a cataclysmic event” in Massachusetts and national politics.

Not everyone is making so much sense.  Sean Hannity quoted Cong. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) who said that a Brown victory would represent “anger against Republicans”! Huh….

(By the way, am I the only one who thinks Mitt Romney came across much better on the Hannity show than he usually does? Romney seemed much more relaxed, much less scripted. Good for him.)


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