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Bishop Vasa Explains Use of Excommunication and Communion Denial

1-26-10 Posted by admin in Blog, Featured Articles, Gallery, Recent Articles 1 Comments

This recent article by Bishop Robert Vasa of Baker, OR has written a thorough and thoughtful explanation of the use of excommunication and the denial of communion to those in opposition to Church teaching.

We at Catholic Advocate think it is important for the bishops consider using their power to deny communion, as well as the power of excommunication, to address the ongoing scandalous voting record of most Catholics in the Congress.

Bend, Ore., Jan 7, 2010 / 04:17 am (CNA).- A bishop’s power of excommunication in grave cases is like that of a doctor who cuts off a diabetic patient from sugar, Bishop of Bend, Oregon Robert Vasa has said. Explaining the practice, he noted that excommunication is an act of charity intended to instruct a wayward Catholic about the gravity of his or her situation.

Writing in his Jan. 7 column for the Catholic Sentinel, Bishop Vasa noted that bishops are “extremely reluctant” to take the step of excommunication.

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One Response to Bishop Vasa Explains Use of Excommunication and Communion Denial

  1. Jan says:

    Extremely reluctant? Sobering fact: Casualties in the war in Iraq: 4,521 Casualties in the war on the unborn: 48,589,993. I believe in years to come, this period of time where legalized slaughter of the innocent pre-born is condoned will be compared to the time of the Inquisition-, and the horror that those murdered within the wombs of their own mothers have no voice-truly the most heinous and deviant of acts perpetrated by our ‘civilized’ society. (Survival of the fittest? ) RELUCTANT? This reluctance does no less than to perpetuate and enable destruction of our precious, fragile preborn. Woman’s ‘Rights? What about the tiny unborn women within the womb?? May Christ have mercy-they know not what they do…or do they?? Bishops?

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