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Take Action on Health Care

12-8-09 Posted by admin in Featured Issues 1 Comments

As Congress votes on health care reform, its up to dedicated Catholics to take action and ensure that their precious interests are protected. Catholic Advocate has the tools and resources you need to take action and have your voice heard on this important issue. Visit our Voter Guide to learn what Catholic teaching has to say on the issue of health care, visit our blog for information and commentary on the health care debate from Catholic leaders, and sign up to receive our email alerts. Your family’s future depends on it.

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One Response to Take Action on Health Care

  1. Jesse says:

    I get how Catholics are averse to Federal funding for abortion. They have a legit dog in that fight. I don’t personally agree with the position, but it’s hard to completely fault people who believe abortion is murder and that gov’t shouldn’t pay for it. (Although.. I feel the same way about the gov’t paying for and inciting mass murder in Iraq and elsewhere in the name of national security.)

    But other than the abortion issue, the Catholic Advocate is in favor of the Senate healthcare bill, yes? Catholic Advocate isn’t just a shill for conservative Republican positions, right? If you’re really about protecting and enhancing the American Catholic experience as your primary agenda, you’ve probably got as many left/Dem members as indie and right/Repub members, yes?

    Have I characterized your organization accurately?

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